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Repod Benchmark


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Repod Benchmark v1.00 is finally out! Be the first to the new benchmarking system. For this version commercial, journal, and personal use is fine.


Husky Engineering

-Jim Atchue

-Tyler Harden


November 29th, 2009 (RB v1.00)


Download .msi


1.You must click "Load" directly upon entering the configurator, and "Save" when you are done with your settings. Then click "Run" according to your video card type.

2.After tests have completed, check install directory for "Repod Results" for your test output



The installer was designed so that if OpenAL wasn't already installed, it would be installed in the background!

It's like JFK announcing the moon mission. He had no expertise in space travel, and no way of knowing if it would work. He just announced "we're going to the moon" and then they made it happen because everyone was on the same page and working towards the same goal. If he had said "well, let's get some people in space, and we'll see how far out we can get, and if I find someone to make a rocket strong enough, we could possibly approach the moon's orbit and maybe land" it wouldn't have happened.
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