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VR Sensors, controller and display


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3 minutes ago, Flexman said:

When enabling VR mode (using Rift) the Sensors are displayed. How can we override this so these objects are hidden?

And a C++ or LUA question, can we copy the VR buffer to a desktop window?

There is a command to get the controller model.  You will have to look at the header files since VR is not yet finished / documented.

Yes, you can get the VR eyebuffer and display it on the screen.  It's in the header.

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Rift. If you say it's implemented then it's possible I must be bypassing it. Using C++ only and a bare map, terrain, a cockpit model and a directional light. No post processing filters or anything. If those are required I'll give it another go, but I didn't read anything that suggested otherwise. Screenshot of mirror display attached.

int main(const int argc,const char *argv[])
    Leadwerks::Window* window = Leadwerks::Window::Create("VR Test", 0, 0, 1024, 768, Window::Titlebar);
    Context* context = Context::Create(window);
    World* world = World::Create();
    Camera* camera = Camera::Create();



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Cheers Jen, that makes sense.

I'll try and be clear about why I asked the original question.

Expected behaviour; With VR enabled, given a simple a scene when I tilt my head in different axis I expect to see the scene shift accordingly.

Observed behaviour: Scene elements like a skybox and terrain appear to parallax against foreground objects causing nausea. Mostly when looking up and down. I initially put this down to improper distortion. It's not something I've experienced when replicating the scene in another engine.

What I tried: After adding trees to the scene, the observed height of a tree (apparent image height as seen within the headset) appears to change when looking up and down.



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