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Behind Enemy Lines

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Halloween Tournament 2017

Behind Enemy Lines


You are Sergeant Cole, a member of a special unit that  operates under cover. You and your comrades have the mission to destroy drug fields and facilitys for the production of drugs. .....


WASD = Moving

F   = Flash light

N = Nightvision

T = Holster Weapon

E = Use

Space = Jump

F11 = Show stats

See also this blog:


and this is the link to the workshop:


i updated my project. i bind more objects in blender together and importet it to LW. This allowed me to reduce batches.In addition, I changed some camera settings, so the FPS has increased.But for the FPS break trough the cutscenes, I currently have really no solution.

The scenes now have to be displayed as they are. otherwise I will not continue in my project. There is, of course, a solution in the further course.


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In Act1 _Part2 the part "Checkpoint" was now completed.

In addition, some changes were made to improve the performance a little. I tried to get 60 FPS mostly. Unfortunately, I do not always succeed. Nevertheless, I hope that it works for most people.

Edit: known issue

if the fps in Akt1 Teil 2 drops down please load the game again and use the Menu: Level to load the Level again. Most the Fps is then better. At this time i dont know why.

Feedback is welcome.

Have fun with this update.


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Here is a Standalone Version of this Game

This Version has a fixed crash at the Shootingrange. Also it is smoother then the Game-Launcher Version (i think so :unsure: )  

Now i have to work on the Story Part "little village" in Akt1 Part2

Have fun.


Edit (8.11.17):

This Standalone Version has now a Option Menu where you can change the resolution. At the moment the HUD ist only optimised for 1920x1080. If you change the resolution you have to load the level again (over MainMenu). Best is you change the resolution after start.


- Hud hides in cutscene

- player can´t move in cutscene

- FPS is nearly constant 60 fps (with my system; you can tell me whats your fps in this thread :) )


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please use the stand alone version.

This is the most stable version.

I did the following:

Clean up the Scene Tree (Pivot, Decal, NPC, Enemys got different names).

Changes to a few scripts: (instead of enable / disable on the NPC's Walk function, I worked with activate here, leaving the script itself enabled)

I also deleted some extensive physic shape on models like buildings and the heli and instead I used csg brushes with a trigger texture and used them as walls. Also on some rocks I deleted the physic and worked with csg brushes.

Lights I've also provided NPC and the vehicles with occlusion culling.

In the map "Intro" I left the lights in the field as "Far". If I work with medium here and go farther away, the fps breaks 60 to 55 and fluctuates constantly. So I left these more on Far.

If i have the fbx models then i use blender to bind some models together (the cottage with interior like bed desk etc.  and the checkpoint with interior and also the airfield cottage with interior

So these were my clean ups. Judging from the standalone version, these were all helpful solutions.

I still invite this version to the workshop. Let's see if the launcher runs so stable and fast.

Have fun with this version.


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After the uploading the new version to the GameLauncher this Version not function.

The exe ist updated the project is updated too. There is the "GetStyle" Error. It seems that ohter creators have the same problem.

Please use the Dropbox link  for the Standalone Version.



The Game Launcher Version now function

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