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My latest work (scifi textures 2.0) - scifi materials

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  • 3 weeks later...


Played around with some more lighting just for fun. I took a lot of inspiration from games like dead space which utilize a lot of very bleak light schemes. Really wish I had some more objects to put the materials to besides just flat cubes though, will have to tackle that eventually but right now that isn't very high on my priority list. Need to make some sort of modular meshes with good poly detail, in addition to smaller objects like light tubes, crates, and whatever. Luckily the amount of modular "hero" assets I would eventually have to create would be minimal as I can make use of trim sheets to quickly make corridor pieces, pipes, or columns out of what I have so far.

I am particularly happy with how well the different texture maps blend when placed next to each other, the bevels really do a good job of making a contiguous looking surface and hide the joints between the maps.


I will also be making a new photo album in game art very soon, where I will be posting (most) of my wip images in the form of an art dump. I will continue the blog and forum thread if I have anything major to post regarding product release or other matters that are more in-depth or technical.

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I am having a really tough time trying to get my image files to upload to the gallery, perhaps the file sizes are too big? Not sure what the problem is... I can only get it to work 1/10 times and the rest just upload as empty files.

I will post this here for now - some more substance work I just wrapped up.


Wall 27:



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I've been making a lot of progress on the trim textures so far, so I might take a slight detour and try to make some modular assets in the near future. This is something that wil need to be done in time for putting the promotional materials together.

I haven't done any poly modeling in 3ds Max in quite a long time, so I am a little rusty. But I am confident that it should come back to me very quickly. Looking to create "mid poly" assets that are more aligned with polygon budgets in current generation AAA titles like Resident Evil 2 (very good game). One good thing is that I should be able to utilize the CAD geometry that I previously created for the high polies of the textures in this process. I will remove fillets and very fine details until I am left with the shapes that will most clearly define the sillouhette (major panels, cables etc) then export to FBX and unwrap. Stuff like small rivets and bolts will be left alone. Should really take things to the next level.

Painting height map details has also been my friend, so I can spend less time modeling small detail elements and/or "floaters".


I have quite a huge reference folder to give me inspiration, so I will begin to start by taking a look and making some preliminary sketches.

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I had a few textures made specifically for pipes so I decided to start brushing up on edge modeling by making a midpoly from them:


I'll bend this into a cylinder and make a texture in substance, then make further pieces for bends, etc. I decided to start with this since it was simple and did not require too much work.

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I went ahead and made a texture in substance painter. Happy with the result, will definitely be making more...


Normal map is a little messed up because I am tired and forgot to check the right box on export, but it still looks cool regardless.

Pipes are on a 100x100cm grid.

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Some more pipe meshes I finished today.

I tried modeling a high poly "cap" mesh for my other set but the topology came out all messed up, so I decided to scrap it. Going to focus on using trims/texture modeling for now since I will need to brush up on my subdivision/turbosmooth modeling workflow.


I'm going to try and make some of those fence barriers next. I always like how those look in scifi environments.

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