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"Add Selection To Flowgraph" Menu Addition

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Adding entities to the flowgraph is currently a cumbersome process, especially when the map is large and the scene tree is chuck full of entities. Right now, you are required to scroll through the Scene Tree for the object, make sure the Flowgraph window is up, and then click and drag the object from the scene tree to the flowgraph window. This is okay if your scene is relatively small, but this process can be simplified and not having to waste time looking for the object in the scene tree.


My suggestion is to have an "Add Selection To Flowgraph" in the Edit menu. Simply select an object (in either the scene tree or through the perspective view) and click on Edit->Add Selection To Flowgraph.


A bonus would have a key combo like CTRL+ALT+E or any other shortcut that can be pressed with one hand on the left side of keyboard, so users are not required to take their hand off the mouse.


My thought process behind CTRL+ALT+E is "E" for EDITOR as in Flowgraph editor. CTRL+ALT+Shift+E could mean remove from Flowgraph Editor. Why ALT too? Because just CTRL+E could mean OPEN UP Flowgraph editor, the addition of ALT means ADD TO flowgraph. Another possibility could be CTRL+ALT+L "For LOGIC", because that is what the Flowgraph is, a logic editor. I don't like this one as much because you would either need both hands or move one hand all the way from one side of the keyboard to the other.


Another possibility is to have the option to right click on the object inside the Perspective view or grid view, and the "Add Selection To Flowgraph" would be a choice in the drop menu.


** Note: ** I figure if the user has multiple objects selected, and if the system does not support multiple objects being added to the flowgraph editor at one time, just grey out/disable the option in the menu until only ONE entity is selected.

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Flowgraph could be really powerfull but I don't use it for all the reason mentioned by olby in the link he provided. A scene like the AI example already fills up the entire screen. This should go into some sort of layer so that you don't lose overview.


Lets say, that after you go down the elevator a new portion of the level begins, you would that logic in to a separate layer. Grouping items with a label and colored background could aid in this proces..

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@lxFirebal69xl Yup, that looks like one of my maps too.


I hate to add to the pile of features, but I would really appreciate if we could disable the auto-goto feature when clicking on an object in the flowgraph or get rid of it all together. Because 9/10 I just want to move the node in the flowgraph to make room for a new one, and then when I go back to the perspective or graph view, I am disoriented because it moves the camera to the object that I just wanted to move the node of. If I wanted to go to the object, I would purposely select "Go To Selection" in the dropdown menu.

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I can hear Josh's voice in my head saying "this doesn't necessarily translate to more games being made with Leadwerks" that's why it's on the backburner for so many years. biggrin.png


Ha ha! If that was an actual argument then I would argue against that. ;)


To be real, if someone has to constantly fight with the editor that will demotivate the person in which may turn them away from the at least editor.. or worse yet, the entire engine. Especially when this engine is marketed towards beginner level indies. With tiny features (or shortcuts) like these, it will help make the design process less stressful and quicker which may spark more creative designs. I don't want to have to fight with the editor constantly just to design something, that is what I feel like I'm doing at times, especially when it comes down to the Flowgraph editor. Luckily, I do have lots of patience... which is a MUST in game development. :)

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