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My animations do not run using the script " MonsterAI.lua "

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Hello Friends


I am encountering problems in applying the script " MonsterAI.lua "

My character has 4 basic animations, I followed exactly all settings using the models Leadwerks " crawler " ,

however my character does not run animations , performing only 2, Stopped and Killed

when I throw it. I searched the forum some solutions and have not had success ,

if someone can help me I thank you !


attached photo of my model and the settings I'm doing



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If you look at the MonsterAI script itself, you will see that the animation names called out are:

- Idle

- Run

- Death

- Attack1

- Attack2


If you open the crawler model in the model editor, you will see this matches its animation names as well. If you are going to use the inherent script for the crawler, then you must make your model's animation names correspond to the script.

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Aff , sorry , I am newbie in leadwerks engine, More was obvious ^^ ,

I changed the name of the animations , but the character reacts only when I'm around ,

how do I it randomize between the animation ,

stand and walk and when it detects the play go towards the player? Only with scripts?

Even so thanks for the help !

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Very good staff, could Creating the " NAVMESH " , now the zombie runs behind me ... but the animated " RUN" my zombie is slow with 120 frames , however it is sliding even with the settings in the "Run anim speed "with the value 0.04 standard still tried to lower values ​​and it keeps slipping and exchanging a few steps from my animation in my direction. I tried to create a video to demonstrate this problem more the " Publish Video" not active for Youtube. I am grateful if someone can help me with this ^^



Video uploaded on my youtube channel , will explain better




help, help..... help meeeeee

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My god friends , I feel in a vacuum, just like my character to execute the sequence "Run " in a more interesting way and not " that " what is happening. Can anyone give me a hint , let the animation in .FBX slower use " scripts " which would be the solution ?????

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hello , Shadmar , I want the zombie run the animation like this in the "Model Editor " from Leadwerks , but what happens ... the zombie is racing behind me, and still sliding and not running the animation correctly. Just wanted a tip on how to solve this, change the number of zombie frames or have to do it for scripts , changing the value in "scene " does not solve ... anyway thanks for the help , I'll keep trying here.

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Thank you " Shadmar " but it is the last post on this subject , I will let it go for characters leadwerks engine, will make only objects scenarios same . But I made a video shown to got to change 0.04 to 2.0 , was much faster, thank you and thank you!

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Its hard to tell because in both videos you keep moving the character around when playing the run animation in the model editor for some reason... but it looks like the animation has translation properties. The characters' animation should be centered around the origin and the character should just be running in place. Maybe I am wrong but its hard to tell from your videos, but the character looks like its moving forward from its origin which may explain some of the sliding that appears to be happening during its navigation.

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Ah I understand what this saying , I do animção "RUN" in the same place , there is no shift forward ... he just walking in place ... because the script makes him walk , so maybe it makes it slide , I will adjust here and post to succeed ... thank you!

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