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How can I seperate animated bones

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Hi everyone,


I have a character model with an animated arm.

I want character's neck bone to rotate following my mouse look rotation.

Everything seems to be ok if I don't use entity:SetAnimationFrame, character head rotates nicely.

But when I apply entity:SetAnimationFrame to animate the arm, I can't control neck bone anymore.

Animation of character's arm is normal.


How can I seperate animated arm bone from neck bone to use both animation and manual control

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Actually all you did was change the interpolation value between frames and that typically is used to blend sequences from one to another or together. While this may work for what you are attempting, another way would be to not animate the bone in question. This would be determined by the skeleton hierarchy. If the bone you are wanting to manipulate is a child of another bone then just animate the parent bone and not the child by setting the recursive parameter in Entity:SetAnimationFrame() to false.

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