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You have to turn off the sandbox lua option to be able to write to/delete a file or directory. Go to Tools-->Options... and uncheck the 'Sandbox Lua' option.


Also the first picture you posted shows you trying to write to a file in the 'Config' directory. If that directory does not already exist, it will fail to write to the file. Look at the FileSystem:CreateDir() to create a directory - again this requires that the sandbox lua option be unchecked. Keep in mind that Leadwerks Game Launcher will not allow un-sandboxed commands like writing to or deleting a file.


Edit-- a way to get around the sandbox issue is to write to your game's config file (typically located at 'C:\Users\~ComputerName~\AppData\Local\~GameName~\GameName.cfg') using System:SetProperty(key, value) then reading the key using System:GetProperty(key).

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