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Game Launcher window it's too big - Linux

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Game Launcher window when started is maximised and goes off screen. There is no way to adjust the size of the window, and buttons at the bottom are almost off the screen. This not really looking good and will put off users from using it.


I'm using KDE (which is available in Ubuntu if somebody wants to be picky about supported distro)



IMO trying going to full screen is pointless especially if launcher have such a basic design.


Attached screen is not cut off, this is how it looks with hidden task bar, whole desktop area and to already answer potential question. I had to hide my task bar in order to start the game (button click), otherwise buttons are not visible.


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The Linux interface was introduced in a hurry for the release of SteamOS. It's not very good, and SteamOS hasn't taken off.


Is that means that you not going to fix it cos SteamOS not destroyed Windows ?

I don't need super pretty, usable will be great. Can you please at least change window to be resizeable ?


SpEcIeS - in KDE win key have no use if used as standalone. Resize will not work if window have not have right mode on.

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It has been a long time since I have used KDE (SuSE 8.1), I was not aware that it is one of the few GUI interfaces that does not allow the M$ key + Left mouse drag to move oversized windows around.


My little netbook often runs into oversized window issues, so this little combo has really come in handy. Even on Fluxbox, XFCE, Gnome.. etc.. Are you able to map the M$ key?


I agree, the window needs to have the resize enabled when compiled. wink.png

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First, KDE isn't supported, so there's no telling how windows will react in that environment.


Second, Linux support is no longer listed on the store page for the game launcher. (It will still run on Linux, but it isn't being advertised as such.) The usage of Linux for Leadwerks Game Launcher was somewhere around 1%, last time I checked. So it didn't really take off among that crowd, and it's not worth putting a lot of work into right now to build a new interface for desktop Linux.

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Yes I realize that, I just looked on the steam page and the engine page does not have Linux specs listed, so I got concerned and bummed out, but am glad to hear that it's still very much a part of Leadwerks future. Sorry for the previous message, my imagination went negative, and I apologize.

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