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Full documentation???

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OK, I want to make some comments about leadwerks.....I 'm the owner of indie version..cose i dont known C++, and seams for me its better to learn Lua ...but anyway....seems very interessing after 3 years of dark basic professional, 3 years of 3d world studio and one year of Gameguru..its clear for me i prefere to work with Leadwerks....this is the good thing.... BUT...................it seems there is a lack of documentation..or its not sufficient detailed...to give you an example.......if I take the PRINT("..WHATEVER").....i seen a lot of examples...but the problem is...never appear nothing on my screen............now I known it should be somwhere...for instance in UpdatePhysics ....or ...somwhere/.......OK..maybe i didnt red all documentation....but for me its very hard to learn ONLY FROM examples....if i ask for a small script...nobody dont give me details..OK..ITS NORMAL..YOU NEED TO LEARN......BUT FROM WHERE?????....

So....WHERE can i find where to post a text to reamain on screen???????????????


Something else......local..global..ok..i red all...but is not sufficient explained.......i'm not a naitive english language and it's somehow difficult to undersiand...even if i known very well what is global....local....



NIL...........:).......I SEEN ITS nothing...........AGAIN SAME PROBLEM....not sufficient explained..when to use...JUST IS...NOTHING............


I really want to learn LUA for Leadwerks....its great ...i love it....but are missing A LOT of details...


I just want more info..and I cant find what can is good for me.....



best regards..

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Currently I am reading "Beginning Lua Programming Kurt Jung and Aaron Brown", which is a really nice pdf on lua 5.1. Also, there is a lot of information on the internet regarding lua programming. It is an easy language to learn. Learning lua at the commandline is also easy using lua, or "#!/usr/bin/lua" in your scripts. wink.png Not sure what you need to do if you are a M$ user, but for *nix, it is always available.

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C++ allows a lot of additional options, but it comes with the understanding that the knowledge goes outside the scope of Leadwerks. There's no way to make a "here's how to use RakNet" tutorial, and then another for every other library people might want to incorporate. It would be easier to just build our own system, which will happen.

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I think some short tutorials on specific subjects will be great. Marble game tutorial is very good, but for example is missing how music is playing. I know there is a pivot with noise script, but I have found it by looking for it and guessing. Also why it's nested in pivot is not explained. If it's expected in LE to look into API and Forums on how to do specific but commonly needed things in game then you guys creating a barriers of any new user. Don't expect users are experienced game developers. LE allows to create FPS games with almost no need for coding which is amazing but try to do something extra and hurdle is present. Create tutorials for complete noobs, 12yr olds or users who never tried to do anything in gamedev, then your userbase will grow even more and LE will become more popular. Unity, game maker and alike are so popular due to community, and as harsh it might sound we are still way to small.


Don't add new features and add more tutorials about simple things. I can give you few eg.


How to detect what is colliding with the player

How to share vars between maps ( I know it's simple but for noobs it's not)

How to do a title screen (probably a tutorial no.1)

Text positioning


List is long, but think about what complete green person will need.

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