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Weapon sizes and Animation FPS

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Just had a few questions regarding Weapon sizing and animation FPS.


First, when importing a weapon and getting it all set up, how small should the weapon be? What I mean is if it is too big when playing in-game the model will go though the walls, so I just wanted to know if there is a general size recommendation or if it's just trying till it works.


Second, when it comes to animating a weapon, what fps should I be focusing on? I use Blender to animate and I use 30 FPS to view the animations. That's about it thank you for any help :)

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Leadwerks doesn't use a set FPS value. There is a playback speed when you play the animation, so you can use any.


As for the weapon going through walls, I believe you can fix this by using 2 worlds. One world will have your gun, and the other world will have everything else. I did this in a previous project, but can't remember exactly how I did it. I just know it can be done like this.

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