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Games of Winter

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Quick and dirty snow filter for the tournament (post effect):


#version 400

uniform sampler2DMS texture0;
uniform sampler2D texture1;
uniform sampler2DMS texture2;

uniform bool isbackbuffer;
uniform vec2 buffersize;

uniform mat4 projectioncameramatrix;
uniform vec3 cameraposition;
uniform mat3 cameranormalmatrix;

out vec4 fragData0;

void main(void)
   vec2 icoord = vec2(gl_FragCoord.xy/buffersize);
   if (isbackbuffer) icoord.y = 1.0f - icoord.y;

   vec4 color = texture(texture1,icoord);
   vec3 normalView = normalize(texelFetch(texture2, ivec2(icoord*buffersize),0).xyz * 2.0f - 1.0f);
   normalView = normalize(cameranormalmatrix*normalView);

   float cdepth = texelFetch(texture0, ivec2(icoord.xy*buffersize),0).r;
   if (cdepth<1 && normalView.y < .999 ) {

   fragData0 = color;


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I've taken a break from game development for a while, but this tournament has inspired me to get back into it. I just wanted to ask; can you submit games made with the C++ version of Leadwerks? I know there were issues where you couldn't upload them to the game launcher, but are they still ok for this tournament?

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Here is my progress so far.


I will be trying to use all custom made assets to develop my skills in all areas. I have created three textures so far (floor tiles, wall tiles, concrete) and a custom player script.


It's not gonna be your typical winter themed game. The general idea of the game is that there is a massive winter storm happening and you have taken shelter in an underground bunker. As for gameplay, I'm not quite sure. Happy to hear suggestions.


I hope this was the right thread to post this. Let me know if its not.


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snow shader looks nice. Just have no idea what i am doing wrong because i only get a black screen with it enabled as post effect.


//well. forget it. there was just no Vertex shader part in it. ;)



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As you probably seen my posts in programming section of the forum, I'm try to create something as well. This is my first go at 3D engine but it's going OK minus my little frustrations self-inflicted or otherwise. I'm doing an simple Shm'up and I hope to provide one playable level. Will share some screenshots soon. Based on feedback it might grow to something bigger.

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Ended up scrapping my previous game idea a couple of days ago, just before leaving for the weekend so as per usual ended up throwing something together which ends up as more of a demo than a decent game. Ended up pairing almost everything back in an effort to get something that does ...something. Not too much fun in its current state, but possibly the basis for something better.

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