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Error when debug my game :/ : Failed to load texture "DIRECTORY :v"

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Hello guys how are?

Well I've got a problem here in LEadwerks IDE, it began to appear shortly after updating the LE 3.6, every time I add some object type camera, directional light, prefabs, or some external object, the same error occurs ...


screenshot :












I do not know if this is a bug or problem in any setting (although this project has been created right now ...) someone help me?

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I am seeing this as well. It's not always the directional light, but sometimes a brush. Everything looks ok in the rendered scene in the editor and game but it will give an error. The error refers to failing to load a texture named after the light or brush name that obviously doesn't exist. Also, I see this error in release as well as debug mode.



Failed to load texture ".../Leadwerks/Projects/MyGame/Directional Light"

Failed to load texture ".../Leadwerks/Projects/MyGame/Box 1"


those are the names of the objects in the scene and not textures...

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