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Lua loadfile() not working with Zip files

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lxFirebal69xl pointed out that the loadfile() function i used in the Notes.lua crashes the application.


I tested it and it looks like loadfile can only load files that are placed normally in the game directory and not inside a zip-file.


is this a bug or a feature?

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loadfile() is a Lua function and it doesn't recognize any special file systems like the zip archives.


There is a Leadwerks command Interpreter::ExecuteFile(filename) which will run a script.


Use Import(filename) if you just want to execute the script once.

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thanks. i already thought so.


i now changed it to use import(). My problem first was that import only gets executed once.


But now i just add every loaded note into a table so i can read them later from there. not sure about memory usage there but i guess its not that bad for text only files.

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interesting. yes that executes every time.


one thing i liked about loadfile though is that i was able to load the note into a local variable.


local luaFile = loadfile(documentPath)
self.text = luaFile()


i can't think about a way to only use local variables with the other approaches.

( using self.text = {"the text in the file"} )

ends in an error "attempt to index global 'self'"


but as long as there is no variablename conflict it should be no problem.

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