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fps fine, then permanently drops after LE restarts/longer session

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I'm running LE on Ubuntu with AMD driver. Now, I have 2 issues, a minor and a major one.


Firstly, VSync does not seems to work (yes, I've set Context:Sync(true)).


Secondly, when I start LE after rebooting, it's quite fast. I get around 90 fps with water included on simple maps. Quite satisfactory. However, after a LE restart or two (or after a longer session without a restart), I get around 35 fps even when there are no objects in the map. The only solution is to reboot a computer.


Any ideas? Thanx!


EDIT This happens when I plug in external monitor to my laptop regardless whether the build in monitor is turned on or off. When I use only lap top's build in monitor, the situation does not seem to happen. Needless to say, I want to be able to use my 24 inch monitor.

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