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On http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/_/materials-r7


If you select the View > Teapot menu item you can change the displayed model to a classic teapot.


Two sided: The material is rendered on two sides. Use this options for foliage likes tree leaves or grass.


The teapot is partially see-through in the Material Editor. It might be best to suggest checking Two sided (it is unchecked by default) on the wooden teapot example to demonstrate it.

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I think this is covered pretty well:

This is pretty cool, but we can make the material look even better by checking the "Two sided" checkbox under the Properties tab. This will make it so we can see the faces of the teapot that are pointng away from the camera. Now that is looking good!
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I think this is covered pretty well:


That is in relationship to the see-through teapot, which makes sense.


If you go up to the wooden teapot, near the top of the page, it shows a 2-sided model with the Two-sided unchecked. With it unchecked, it doesn't actually look like that. (Note the back of the teapot is see-through in the attached, but not in the tutorial)


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