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I have a question regarding ATI GPU with following system specs and would be grateful if someone with the same specs can share info about performance.


Toshiba Satellite

Windows 8.1 64bit

AMD quad core - A6-5200 ~ 2.0 GHz


GPU AMD Radeon HD 8400


I get with average level only around 12-19 Fames/second, which is strange. Also, in comparison to AAA games overall it's all very sluggish.

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It's an integrated chip. Lowering all quality settings will help, but it won't run any faster than Intel graphics.

Radeon chips runs always faster then Intel integrated chips on laptops, you have switchable graphics option in Catalyst software menu.


I get with average level only around 12-19 Fames/second

Can you tell running what game demo ? And the resolution and quality setting ?

Make sure LE3 software runs on the Radeon using catalyst menu and looking at switchable graphics option.


On my laptop = Radeon HD 7600M , running LE3 FPS demo (AI and Events) i got 25-30 fps.

So your AMD Radeon HD 8400, should run with even better frame rate then mine rolleyes.gif

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Not really. No chance that 8400 is even running dedicated GDDR VRAM plus no card by any manufacturer where the second digit from the left is below 5 is designed to give anything more than office performance. Your 7600M probably has dedicated GDDR VRAM and actually is designed for some gaming. A difference of one generation doesn't help at all in this case.

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