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So i was starting a new project and modeled an Player with some bones.

It is in a third person view and the problem is that you cant see where the player looks (to pick up objects).

So I just started to Insert the camrotation on the x axis inro a SetRotation function.


1. function Script:UpdateWorld()

2. self.entity:SetRotation(Math:self.camRotation.x,0,0)


4. end


I get the error: function arguments exspected near "." , (in the 2. line)

The herarchy looks sth like this :






-> Head (right here is the Script attached)

Camera(this has no script but is attached to Player)


I dont know wheres the problem , it is probably some newbie mistake.

To make sure, the camRotation.x is in an other script.


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Well you also haven't defined 'self.camRotation' in the above script with what I assume would be a Vec3. So currently the variable is nil and you cannot determine the ".x" until it is defined.

The problem is that camrot...x is in an other script , I already asked Einlander personally.

We wanted to make it via the flowgraph editor, he says he is going to make this for himself and then give it to me after much attempts.


I will document it here when it is working

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Exactly the problem I stated above - the variable 'self.camRotation' is not defined in that script.


Edit- Also i see you are using the inherent fpsplayer and I assume its script. If that is the case, then there is no need for 'Camera 2' as the fpsplayer script creates a camera via code.

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