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How to setup graphics quality

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Not quite sure what you are asking for here... are you referring to World:SetLightQuality() or Camera:SetMultisampleMode()? Or are you just referring to the reflections on the cube in that screenshot? If so, that is just a reflection shader and has nothing to do with the quality of the graphics.

So, in material reflections create "roughness" layer, and it isn't create uniform reflection

But, leadwerks hasn't this (And many other) shader


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Export the normal, specular and displacement maps.. It should look way better! Your model then reacts on lighting.


What you also can do is simply add shader effects / posteffects to your camera.

Ie. Camera:AddPosteffects( --shaderfile.shader)


Anyway, what editor are you using there :) ?

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as i said you should create it as standard material and not PBR.

You will get exactly the maps that fit into a leadwerks material. If your material looks good it should still look good in leadwerks.

No. Leadwerks standart shaders have no support scads maps

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