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Increasing frustration with sudden crashes

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Hey Leadwerkers!


Am I the only one who experiences sudden crashes without error message twice every 5 minutes?

This keeps happening whenever I work in "lit" mode or when I edit meshes/materials. I keep saving religiously but its still frustrating to restart the program every few minutes because it inexplicably hangs itself.



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Sounds like you don't have a lot of video memory. Low-end laptop GPU?

  • In the beta, the default shadowmap resolution is lower, which will reduce video memory usage.
  • You can lower the light quality settings to reduce video memory usage in the options panel.The beta build at this point is quite a bit better than the default, and will be made default next week.
  • Opting into the beta branch will solve quite a few little problems. This will be released as default next week.

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I run a GTX 560 with 2048 GDDR5 Memory. This is no longer high end as I have my rig operational for a couple years now but it should not yet be low-end (?).


So far I haven't edited any shaders but have loaded some custom ones.


I haven't experienced any issues today and used the engine for about 30 to 40 minutes.


Thanks for the rich replies!!


@Josh: Will the engine update itself via steam once the new version is out? Its tempting but I don't wish to go beta.

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I recently upgraded my graphics card, but in January I was still using a gtx 560 with 1 GB which ran Leadwerks just fine. It would see this as low end as most games could still be played at fairly high settings.


Can you paste driver info? This free and small program really helps displaying info on your graphics card:


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