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(Working Title)


Hello community! This is not yet a full videogame project thread, its more a test run. I have a script for a 3d horror adventure that should be pretty easy to pull off for an indie and be fun to play/thus sell. However, I still don't know what engine I end up using altough Leadwerks is pretty convincing. This is more a test map where I can see how much time and effort it will take to make this game.


In the game you will be a young witch hunted by the inquisition and simoultaneously trying to fend off a demon invasion. This sounds like it has a huge scope but its indeed just a 3D adventure à la penumbra on paper.


This test map will be an everchanging level that shows a wine-cellar connected to some dungeons and a cave. I will continously improve quality until it reaches a level I'm happy with.


Features this test map should have:

  • Tesselated, atmospheric look
  • High res graphics
  • strong, desolate medieval atmosphere
  • a few critters (in this case bats)
  • some places overgrown with foliage
  • doors that can be opened
  • a chest that can be opened
  • a creature running through a hallway-crossing as a jump-scare
  • believable and dense ambientsounds
  • fire effects
  • interactive objects (picking up, throwing)

This is what I attempt to do with my first attempt. The quality of the results and the time I need to reach them will then show wether there will be a game at all.


What follows are some early screenshots of the above concepts. Its not much yet.


Nest steps are:

  • replace floor texture (had to test the displacment on that one)
  • figure out how to make believable fire
  • fill room and move on to hallways










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Hello!! Thanks for the Feedback!



I love the design. If I can make any criticism, it's that the normal maps look excessively grainy/strong and the floor looks very flat


Thank you! smile.png

And yes, of course you can...thats part of why I post. The normalmap needs its y axis inverted than it will read better altough I'm quite happy with the high-contrast wet look of it. The floor is a different story. I made it to test that texture and its displacment map (which looks really good if I sign the flashlight on it as can be seen in the third screenshot) which does render as pretty flat in the current setting sad.png Gotta fix that!


Looks good and sounds interesting. Looking forward to a playable demo/test if you are releasing one.


It depends on how much time the process will take but I'm glad to hear I have a potential player here. You are however very likely to see demos from me promoting modelpacks...these will, however, be walking-simulations by nature.



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