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I don't see unicode fit into the free software category, since everyone should speak english. When people choose not to follow the global standard, they should pay for it. So software which supports unicode must be commercial. There are also programs and games which are commercial on Windows and Mac, but free on Linux. That's a cool idea which I want to follow too.


I think when someone pays Josh to implement unicode, then he could do it. But I hope it will be a seperate DLL, since I don't want to bloat my DLL with things I don't support for free.

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It did, I said unicode needs to be commercial. Josh has said earlier also, that he could do many things, if people paid him to do it (who wouldn't?). But as long people want everything for free, they get only the things which are supposed to be free.

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ANSI to Unicode conversion in almost any modern language should take less than 20 lines.

Now I won't pay for such a thing. I could care less, since the .NET headers do it (implicitly) in a line anyway.


I simply think it would be better for the whole community not to have to worry about their input language - in such a flexible engine, one should be able to opt to offer his game in multiple languages. Moreover, many members of this community use foreign languages.


tl;dr: +1.

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