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Hello, I'm new.

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I find it customary to introduce myself before I start posting away in a new community so : hello!


My name is Adrien and I'm into gamemaking since I was a teenager. I'm an artist and I've always been interested in 3D art and leveldesign so thats the part of gamedesign I'm best at. Throughout the years I developed a wierd gamemaking "addiction". Aaah! Messing around in 3D Space. If I only knew how to quit you! wink.png

Be aware that I'm pretty green at coding so I might ask some ...really rock stupid questions. Please be a little patient with me when I do. unsure.png


You might have ran into me on thegamecreators.com or indiedb. I've been modeling for a couple years now and do freelance stuff since 2012. About that: I haven't found any gallery threads by other modelers on here? The Game art board deals mostly with questions...where would I post such a thread?


Personally, I'm a very social, outgoing kind of person altough a little excentric. English is my fourth language so occasionally I might word something odd or wrong. huh.png


I just bought Leadwerks as it seems potent and has a neat underdog charm to it! Looking forward to using it and to get to know you guys!


All the best



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Hi Wolf, welcome to the community!


If you were trying to show off your work, you should probably use the gallery for Leadwerks or the Showcase board. To be honest, you'll probably see more questions related to programming on the forum, but there is also a large sections of modelers and artists as well. If you have questions about modelling, then the Game Art board is probably best. It really doesn't matter too much where you put a thread, as long as it's not too far off-topic, like posting Linux questions in the Windows board. :D

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Thanks for the warm welcome,everyone!!


It really doesn't matter too much where you put a thread, as long as it's not too far off-topic


I keep that in mind and open a 3D stuff thread soon. smile.png Thanks for the headsup


Always nice to have more artists on. I personally love seeing concept and development art and, of course, the finished products that bring so much immersion to gameplay.


Thank you! I chose Leadwerks because I felt it could get me closer to real leveldesign and to properly showcase my models. So far, I have not been disappointed. It renders in excellent quality and the material editor is easy as cake. In the past, I worked a lot with inferior engines as they where easier to use as far as gamecode goes. All the screenshots you see here are made in FPSCreator. ...But I figured that if I do the extra work in something more developed, it'll be worth it.


Don't worry about English being your 4th language. It's my first and only and I still muck it up.


I'm very confident with my english as I'm writing, but when I reread my posts they often feel a little wonky. A well!! As long as you guys get me! Thanks for the encouragment.





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