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how to control a spacecraft with Lua ?

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I'm more an artist than a coder and was looking at the FPS Script to get a rough idea but can't figure out how to control a spacecraft.


Basically :


orbit around the spacecraft on key toggle


W - accelerate

S - slow down / backward

A / D - roll

Mouse - yaw / pitch


with zero gravity


If there is already a tutorial that I missed (YouTube ?) let me know, otherwise any help most welcome

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u need from Window class :KeyDown(Key.A)

and for self.entity:

any movement functions or maybe physics.

zero gravity with physics :SetGravityMode(false)




non physics

with Translate u can put it up and down,forwand & backwards, left & right

with Turn pitch, yaw and roll


not global = local means along/around the objext axis x,y,z.

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From one of my projects called Lunar lander, very simple but easy to adapt and add more.


Give you model Character controller and some mass.


function Script:Start()
  self.rot = Vec3(0,0,0)
self.input = 0   

function Script:UpdatePhysics()

local v = self.entity:GetVelocity()
local turnspeed=1

if v.y <= 4 then
  if (App.window:KeyDown(Key.Space)) then self.entity:AddForce(0,0.5*Time:GetSpeed(),0)
  else if v.y >= -1 then self.entity:AddForce(0,-0.05*Time:GetSpeed(),0) end

if (App.window:KeyDown(Key.W)) then self.input = 0.5 end
if (App.window:KeyDown(Key.S)) then self.input = -0.5 end
if (App.window:KeyDown(Key.Q)) then self.rot.y=self.rot.y-turnspeed*Time:GetSpeed() end 
if (App.window:KeyDown(Key.E)) then self.rot.y=self.rot.y+turnspeed*Time:GetSpeed() end



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