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Thread of inspiration

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Hi, everyone !


I'm sure some ideas of great games come to you sometimes and they are so numerous that you just can't implement them all )) Let's share them ! Maybe it can inspire other fellow developers or they will even make it real !




Today i played a game while sleeping. It was like a reversed safari - animals hunted us. We were a team of 3 people running in a huge jungle forest. And then a horde of all kinds of animals appeared - they all were riding 3 gigantic elephants (elephants were evil too - with fangs etc. - more like Tolkien's oliphaunts). When they came close they jumped off the elephants and started seeking us. We were to run away, to hide, to kill them quickly and silently. An atmosphere of adrenaline, rush and fear is applied.


BTW: i think it's a good idea to present some kind of games as nightmares so that they will be stories inside stories - when you press ESC to go to menu your hero opens his eyes, change his position in bed and then goes on watching the dream. Or even goes to kitchen to drink some water.

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I benn trying to think how to make a zombie game without gunplay.Only thing I come up with so far is an escape from zombies type game.


Simple: Make sure the lore explains why the zombies/monsters are too tough/impossible to fight. Make them really intimidating.

Gameplay will now consist of stealth (ala thief or splinter cell) past these zombies and gathering resources/clean water for other survivors or a story campaign. Alternatively: you are the zombie.

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I came up with a new game idea as I was making my game. It's called building inspector, you have to check out different buildings and look for faults and structural problems such as gaps in the wall, grass/moss growing on the walls indoors, electrical problems such as lights not working etc. And you have to try and find all the faults to get 100% score for each building you check out. Sometimes you need to get your torch out to have a good look in the dark corners for those hard to find things. Maybe it could be spiced up a bit by putting in a time limit and if it expires a horde of zombies or real estate agents or something get released after you. :)

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