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FBX animations not working

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Hello everyone,

I've got a problem using a Mixamo animated model in Leadwerks.

The model is correctly exported in FBX and after imported in Leadwerks, however the engine can't find the textures and the animations don't work..


I'm using a TPS template and the character stays still in T position, even if it is correctly moving forward and backword on my key input.


How can I activate the animations using key input?


Thank you !

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When you download from the mixamo site go to my purchases and download your character from there. Pick FBX(.fbx) for download and from the drop down box pick include skin. Then click download.

The animated one has got to be downloaded from the my purchase section not my character section.


When downloaded copy into your leadwerks model folder.

In that folder now is your model There is also a sub folder that is called basic locomotion pack.fbm. (or whatever animation you added to your model on the mixamo site)


Copy the PNG images from that into your model folder,


Now your animations should work. double click your model to bring up the model viewer to check they work.


Also go here, http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/10369-fuse-software-from-mixamo/#entry76433


I had to constrain the animation root node on the loco pack using Ulitamate Unwrap (a very good investmment)



Result before constrain


Hope this helps.


Also if you download the free walking zombie animation, attach the the SimleAnimation.lua script

set Sequence to 0 and in the script draw bit relpace with this

local t = Time:GetCurrent()

This should put you on the right track for other animations.

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nvm, i got it to work ! I just had to get the free locomotion pack onto the character off the mixamo site and from there i added the simpleanimation.lua to it and set it to 0 in the sequence in the editor basically doing what josk said :


"attach the the SimleAnimation.lua script set Sequence to 0 and in the script draw bit relpace with this:


local t = Time:GetCurrent()



and also remember to put all the textures and mat files along with the mdl file into a new named folder you create into the characters folder where the crawler folder is !

and bang ! your all set !

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