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Page title for documentation should state subject first.

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This is a pet peeve of mine. Working with many web browser tabs of the documentation open is hard because I can't tell which tab contains which subject because all pages on leadwerks.com have "Leadwerks Game Engine" in the beginning of their title.


Even at maximum tab width I can only see "Leadwerks Game En". At the very least the documentation pages should state the subject they are about first. For example the current title for the LensFlare doc page is "Leadwerks Game Engine - LensFlare - Documentation - Documentation - Leadwerks"* after this minor improvement it should read "LensFlare - Leadwerks Game Engine - Documentation - Documentation - Leadwerks" making it possible to differentiate tabs at first glance.





*This is a really messy title either way if you were to clean the titling up even more I'd suggest going for something like "LensFlare - Documentation - Leadwerks Game Engine".


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