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Liquid Physics and Graphics

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Will it be possible to use Leadwerks to simulate liquid, or gels, or beings, flowing over a landscape, such as a burst pipe, a leak from a petrol/gas tanker, or a lava flow down the side of a volcano or the eruption at the caldera.


I was thinking of particles, having a mass, but also having properties like temperature, viscosity, heat loss, but instead of particles being free roaming, they have an attraction force to their neighbouring surfaces, which could be the ground or other particles, which increases with the viscosity.


The could be given an initial velocity, which could be flowing or flying. For instance the lava eruption would initially fly then flow, when it hits the ground, it would transition from flying via splat processing, before starting a flow process, then if the ground disappeared, like over a ledge, there would be a pour transition back to flying.


This could be used to simulate dams breaking, rivers overflowing, moving glaciers or avalanches, or even how crowds of people/zombies would behave if they were pushing though a cordon, or lemmings doing what they are most famous for.


Once the movement stops, a final phase, which could be ignition, or evaporation, or seepage, or freezing.

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