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Hello, I'm new and have some questions

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Hello! I am new to Leadwerks, but not new to the world of enthusiast game development. Leadwerks has caught my attention, and I have purchased the indie edition and hope to start developing games soon! That said, I have some questions I would like help with.


1) Whats the best way to export from Blender 2.69 to Leadwerks? Using OBJ to GMF, or using FBX? I will eventually need animation (and possibly physics) data for some items, and OBJ can't do that as far as I know.

2) How can one resize GUI elements inside the Leadwerks editor? I can't seem to resize anything inside the editor.

3) How does one add arms and a weapon to a first person player controller? A tutorial would be nice, I will continue hunting for one myself too.

4) How does one add a player model that will be displayed ingame? Like, if I'm looking at an enemy, I need to be able to change that player model.


I'm running Linux Mint 17 (which is based off of Ubuntu 14.04) so I have no problems running the editor or any bugs at this time.


Sorry for the somewhat noob questions. All help is appreciated though!


All the best,


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Hi John welcome to the Leadwerks community.


1) blender exporter here http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/10246-official-leadwerks-exporter-for-blender/


2) not sure what you mean here. You can resize the windows in the editor but not sure of resizing anything else. Maybe others could help.


3) there is a preset for arms and gun. In the character controller down the bottom is an option for weapon. Open the folder and find the pistol prefab. Select this and click ok. You should now have a pistol that shoots.


4) this ones beyond my ability.


Hope these help.



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1) The blender exporter is written for 2.70 - it may work for 2.69 but it also migth not I suggest using the blender ppa

2) you cant (on linux anyway)

3) see above

4) change the model of the fpsplayer and then dont hide it runtime


Beware that running LM will preclude you from reporting bugs

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re: question 1:

I can upgrade to blender 2.70. Then I will try using the exporter and go from there


re: question 2:

Thats a shame really. Why can't one resize the GUI elements in Linux inside the editor? Is there a good reason for this? Its not a huge deal, but a setback nevertheless.


Other than not being able to resize the editor elements, I'm looking forward to making games in Leadwerks! smile.png

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