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Character controller gets stuck on thin objects

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Sometimes the character controller appears to not step over very thin objects. For example, when using the bober trainstation from the workshop, the character controller will get stuck on the various debris and even some of the slightly elevated door frames (yet the navmesh generation still points to them as valid paths, as they should be).

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Well, I mean, it should be easy enough to test it. All you have to do is put the bober trainstation from the Steam Workshop in a map and run the FPS lua script in it and just walk around a little. You'll inevitably be stopped by trying to go through different door frames and as well as the bent metal panels on floor. (Note that this is not the only instance that this occurs, but I've had many problems with stepping over small objects with this model).

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Those models are lacking physics shapes. If you try to run physics on visible model geometry, you will have many small glitches like this, as well as low performance when a high-density part of the mesh comes in contact with a physics object.

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