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Tuition in 3D modeling for game development

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My name is Travis, I have been drawing up a "module" as to teaching 3D design of game environments in one2one skype training.

I have a gumtree add, too


Look at that for some more details.


Heres a portfolio



Get in touch with me by email


or skype



If you are interested in learning how to create 3D models for game engines.

The first hour is free, because we will want to make sure you're all set up and ready on your end.

After that, depending on what you want to achive we will discuss a fair rate.


If you're a complete fresh beginner, then my module will take 2 -3 hours to complete and will cost £20 /$33 /€25




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In the organic part you will need lot of practice , your rock or dino models are very beginner work.


You could detail your course like

-Hard surface modeling

-UV mapping

-Photo source or texture generation and painting

It seems you use Blender , not all people use that tool, so you should specify if you can teach on another modeling app like Silo 2 or AC3D etc ... I encourage you to bring normal map, specular map generation for LE3 shaders ( on your portfolio this is almost only diffuse textures ).


Good luck.

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