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Increasing draw distance?

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adjustable by setting the camera's properties:



also, you can set the individual objects' distance to be rendered (how far away from the camera):


In the LE2 days I believe you also had a global way to set what those ranges would be, but I am not seeing it for the LE3 documentation. Granted, LE2 had LODs so maybe thats why its not in LE3 yet?

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There is a World->viewrange[] array you can modify in C++, but I do not know what effect this will have. This is where view range values for the near/medium/far values go. Official support with a documented command will be added in the future.

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Sounds good. Out of curiosity, do you have the list of the equivalent distance value for each of the entity view ranges handy? That would be good info to have in the documentation as well.


--edit Also what's the difference between Max and Infinite? Is Max based on the camera's range?

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Hmm if I set range in code I can get it to work but as for adjusting the values in the editor it doesn't do anything when in game.


Is setting a closer range supposed to boost your fps as it has less to draw? I set it to a distance of 10 where pretty much nothing is drawn, however Didn't seem to have an impact. Sorry if I'm a bit OT with this.

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