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Found 10 results

  1. I am requesting an input box or a separate tab that will allow devs to add command line arguments that will be passed to the game when launched from the editor. This will allow us to use the System:GetProperty without having to hardcode the values into the game.
  2. It would be nice to be able to dock the script editor within the main editor.
  3. Currently to expose settings to the editor users have to use the format: Script.variable = value --Type "Label" I propose a breaking change to the way editor properties function. First the syntax/method would need to change. Script would become a table: Script = {} All entries would be become named variables holding tables: Script = { --variable = {value, "type as string","label as string"} ground_height = {100, "uinteger","Ground Height" }, jump_height = {4,"uinteger", "Jump Height"}, player_name = {"","string", "Player N
  4. In my game I would like to have flat land with some lakes and pools here and there, but with the current terrain tools its not directly possible. I would need to paint the entire terrain to that height and then make the lakes. I can't zoom out and paint because .1 it gets less accurate and 2. the poly count and culling of the engine. My solution to this would be to either have a set terrain height slider/number box.
  5. The ability to take a entity created by csg and convert it to a mdl file WITH all the surfaces preserved would help accelerate my work in Leadwerks. The obj export collapses all the meshes to 1 object, and the vtf and obj exports do not preserve the textures. With the prefab it is prone to texture shifting and when rotated, depending on the rotate tool used, objects rotate incorrectly. With an mdl export it would be another model entity that I can share with few complications. If implemented, the mdl should not be collapsed. it should preserve the hierarchy and surfaces. Then the user can
  6. It would be very nice if there are Shaders like this: http://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/14350/shader-effect-similar-to-metro-2033-gasmask Or just more shaders that make your game look more realistic considering these kind of shaders. In the example of the link there are parts that can be set up just like the blood overlay in the fpsplayer but I dont want to learn all basics of shading integration into leadwerks for months just to import a (kind of) simple shader that just makes the Mask effect. I posted an attempt of mine here ( exapmle ), use it freely.
  7. Similar to the Pick Material tool, I would like to suggest a Pick Model tool. When you click on the model it shows the mdl file in the file browser.
  8. I would like something like Context::DrawPoly( {table of Vec2()} ) While doing the 2d drawing, I found that using a scanline fill will IMMENSELY cripple the engine. if you scan-line draw (line by line) 3 squares on screen, you can see an fps drop from 200fps down to 40. and about 7fps if you use debug. This would help reduce the amount of code needed for gui libraries, and help raise the fps count.
  9. Any chance we could get some improvements to the script editor? Particular annoyances: Auto-indent: This is a huge one. I'm not even talking about intelligently increasing the indent level after "do" and decreasing it after "end"--I can do that for myself. But when we press <enter> can we at least have the new line match the indentation level of the current one? Tab size: It's a personal preference, but I think 8 is a pretty unpopular choice. If we can't have a setting for it, can we at least reduce it to 4, which is much more standard? <alt-tab> behavior: When I switch over to
  10. I ran out of room on my scene tab the other day and now I am running into issues. I can no longer drag entities from my scene list because they aren't visible on my scene list. Also it is hard to find where I placed things and overall the scene tab is pretty useless at this point. I would suggest 1. Don't allow the scene tab to end. and 2. A search function in the scene tab where you can type in a name and then all the entities in your map with that name will appear on the scene tab. Little video just to show what I mean more clearly -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jagw-0OK
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