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  1. Been delving more into the leadwerks editor lately, been working on some scifi materials made from some work I did as part of a texture pack I made quite a while ago. Currently compiling a texture material pack of these for leadwerks which will be available on the steam workshop for an affordable price. Just wanted to post a some screenshots of a cool scene I made with them! I also uploaded them to the leadwerks steam page. let me know what you all think! I am still fairly new to the editor and my laptop computer is not that great (scene ran slow) but I am saving up for a new workstation
  2. 7 downloads

    Behind Enemy Lines V0.3 Prolog: You are Sergeant Cole, a member of a special unit that operates under cover. You and your comrades have the mission to destroy drug fields and facilitys for the production of drugs. ..... Keys WASD = Moving Space = Jump F = Flash light N = Nightvision T = Holster Weapon E = Use F11 = Show stats See also the blog entry Please give Feedback Todo: There is a lots of to do . known issues: --
  3. guido892

    Death Rooms


    This is my entry for the Summer Game Tournament 2018. You will have to go through a series of rooms and corridors, where you will find enemies, traps, but also treasures and useful objects, until you get to the last room where you have to pull a lever to complete the level. The game consists of 7 levels, which are created randomly. Accumulate as many points as possible because if you complete the level, you can use them to increase the player's features. You can save the game when you want, load from the main menu' and play from the beginning of the level with the features p
  4. 3 downloads

    Go around and do some stuff
  5. 2 downloads

    Go around and do some stuff
  6. 0 downloads

    Despair of Ordinary Men - A DooM clone I've been working on. For fun, and to celebrate the release of the Doom reboot, I have decided to share my rendition of the famous E1M1 with you. Gimmicky, but I hope you enjoy it!
  7. 2 downloads

    Fight Waves of enemies in rounds, collect an upgrade after every round.
  8. 1 download

    This was meant to be more of a horror game but with limited time had to drastically cut things short and go for more of a shooting gallery on rails. I hope to return to the original intention later. Mouse = ROTATE LMB = FIRE R = RELOAD GOAL: Shoot the balloons for points Got a crash going on if you shoot too many things. A bit unfortunate for a shooting game. If you want to actually get to the end don't shoot. Hopefully I'll have this fixed up soon. Will probably upload a new file here or google drive but my slow upload speeds mean this takes quite some time.
  9. MarkusR

    Next Monday


    this is a fps mini game with one map, as part of the Leadwerks Winter Games Tournament. u must collect 10 coins and stay alive then you win. the level loading take ~ 15 seconds... zombie sound should be there now .. the health crystal is now limited. link parameter for full hd screen \MarkusGame.exe -fullscreen +screenwidth 1920 +screenheight 1080 Controls aswd = moving + shift = run e = collect or use if u see the hand symbol r = reload f = flashlight space = jump esc = end / exit game mousewheel = weapo
  10. xtom

    One More Day

    1 download

    One More Day a zombie survival game. One More Day - Early Access Game Trailer.mp4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Can you survive one more day? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Search for weapons and items and see how many days you can survive in the town. Various weapons including HandGun, Shotgun, Automatic Rifle and Machete Eat food and sleep to replenish stamina Drink water to stay alive Bandage woun
  11. f13rce


    1 download

    Swipe is a tactical shooter where you switch from commander view to soldier view. Take control over any soldier while telling other allies what to do! You as a commander have to win rounds in order to win the game. You win rounds by completing the objective; either killing the enemy team or securing the hostage. The objective can be chosen in the menu. After choosing an objective, you'll have to give your squad commands on how to strike the target. Assign allies by clicking on locations you want them to go to. The soldiers will move then the round timer starts. Th
  12. mdgunn

    Mass Micron

    1 download

    Entry for the Leadwerks Winter Game Challenge 2016. Had to cut development short from what I had planned due to time constraints. Hopefully you can see where this was heading and I plan to put in some more time very soon to get it closer to what I had hoped. The game is supposed to be a boss battle within a single room. The boss will be invulnerable to direct fire but elements in the room will allow you to take him down. E.g disable missiles, reduce boss reaction time etc. Note: You can't take the boss down yet (sorry!). Hopefully I will have more implemented soon. Also I h
  13. 0 downloads

    A Quake-like first person shooter. My Leadwerks Game - Nightmare Prism - Final Jam Release (Quake Clone).mp4
  14. 3 downloads

    Pew Pew Bang Bang is a simple shooter game that puts the blue team versus the red team. The goal in this game to achieve the kill limit before the opponent does. Play as either a soldier or tank in the war of nonsense! Why are we shooting each other? Because it's fun! However, be careful for enemy helicopters and jets. They have miniguns attached to them which will shred you to blocks (literally). Every time you respawn as a soldier, you will be given either an Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher or Light Machine Gun. This is given to you randomly. Tanks can only shoot r
  15. 1 download

    Survive against waves of killer robot spiders, armed with an SMG and an endless supply of ammunition. How many waves can you survive? Controls: W,A,S,D - Movement LMB - Fire Weapon RMB - Aim Down Sights R - Reload *This game was made in under a month for the Leadwerks Games of Winter 2016 Tournament. It was originally made to use nothing but custom made assets, but I was forced to use a few standard assets due to my full time job taking up most of my time.
  16. 3 downloads

    Developed By: Antology Games Studio Version: Public Tech Demo Platform: Windows, Linux (in future) Between The Realities Official Trailer_1080p.mp4 About: This game was cancelled. Here is the tech-demo build. Demo version contains a basic game mechanics and several locations united by plot scenes. Report possible problems by email: antologygames@gmail.com Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/ZT9EU65 And VK group: https://vk.com/antologystudio Thank you! Story: Another reality. Another vision of good and evil. Once there was a
  17. GarlicWaffle



    Science is a somewhat large game that I made for a school project. Details: You play as a random person who has mistakenly entered Lakritz Laboratories, and must now fight your way through numerous monsters, with the aid of a powerful but inaccurate shotgun. This game has five story levels that take me about twenty minutes to complete and one survival level. This game also has completely custom monsters and weapons. Other Stuff: The player has a health of one, so the monsters will kill you in one hit. The crosshair is not accurate, so aim a little t
  18. Genebris



    Very fast and difficult arena FPS where the goal is to kill as many enemies as you can until you are dead. Collect ammo and health pickups to stay alive longer. Features: Bunny hopping and wall jumping 3 weapons: Anesthetic. Shotgun and Firework. Firework's rocket inherits a percentage of your speed when launched 2 types of enemies: mele and archers Steam leaderboards Painkiller OST a.k.a. "The best music in games" by Mech
  19. 1 download

    Furious Frank V0.01 came about from my requirement to have a simple application in which to test code in my code archives from the last year. What was supposed to be a simple cleaning out the harddrive exercise got a little side-tracked. This version was achieved in about 14 hours on a Monday. Furious Frank V0.02 is the 10 or so hours I have worked on it since. With the prospect of a whole 3 days ahead with nothing to take up my time, I wanted to get Furious Frank V0.02 uploaded and start on Furious Frank V0.03. It has so far taken the best part of 3 hours to wrestle out that which was re
  20. Genebris


    Very fast and difficult arena FPS where the goal is to kill as many enemies as you can until you are dead. Collect ammo and health pickups to stay alive longer.  
  21. Quick update on what is happening so far. Lately I have not had as much time to work in substance painter because I have been busy, however in my spare time I have been working on refining the base material which I will use to apply to the numerous textures I have created as part of the scifi collection. Little tweaks here and there mainly to make the results a little more pleasing and less noisy. Above I have tweaked a majority of the masks for rust as well as surface detail variations so that the metal is not too noisy/bumpy. Also reduced some of the height of the peeling paint de
  22. Took a break from 3d modeling work for the past few days, decided to play around with lighting and other effects in 3ds max to get a general sense of what types of environment/moods can be created. I made a material with some emissive maps and applied it to my simple cube scene, thought I would post it since it turned out pretty cool (3ds max rendering): More to come later on...
  23. As of just now, I have finished creating all of the individual color ID maps for the floor textures, seen below in my progress tracker. Next steps which I plan on carrying out (bolded are the ones I intend to focus on in the next month or so): Finish modeling wall textures (30 ish to go). Finish modeling a few detail textures. Create material ID maps for all wall/detail textures (60+ to go). Paint all diffuse maps using a common substance painter project file(s) to maintain consistency and allow for texture creation in an assembly-line fashion This wil
  24. Work is continuing on my upcoming scifi mega pack that is inching closer and closer to being released - today I decided to compile a few PBR materials that I created as some more tests in substance painter. The below images show a simple 3ds max scene that I blocked out in a few minutes as well as some renders from substance painter. Materials available in uncompressed PNG format and are 2k textures. They are also perfectly seamless and will tile in all directions. I am providing these free of charge to be used for shader testing in the new engine, your own projects
  25. I am very interested in buying Leadwerks Engine from Steam (only place it seems to be avaiable). However, I am completely new to game design and programming but have watched some videos on Youtube and just bought a C++ class on Udemy. I understand that using Lua and visual scripting will be easier to learn than C++ (described as hard to learn for beginners) from what I've read online. I have GIMP and Blender as my DCCs. Blender is hard to get into for me as I find the interface unintuitive but it is the only free option and I know about all the tutorials on Youtube about it and I
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