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  1. How can I check if the Steam Overlay is active? I can't see anything that looks relevant under the Steamworks class.
  2. Excusme, I see Leadwerks 5 pre-release planning. Are you planning to launch on Steam? Is there an additional price ? For people using version Steam Leadwerks Professional ? Thanks
  3. I purchased Leadwerks and the DLC via Steam. The software would run before I bought the DLC. After buying the DLC, the software does not run at all. It will not start with or without the DLC being installed. The only message it displays is Steam's "Preparing to Launch" message box. The box vanishes and nothing runs. There are no error messages. I am using a Windows 10, 64Bit laptop. 12GB RAM. Intel 5500 video chip with the latest drivers (March 2017 driver). I have verified that DirectX 12 and OpenGL are running properly (Verified DirectX by DXdiag.exe. Verified OpenGL up to version 4.4 b
  4. Hello, I purchased Leadwerks on Steam and from what I have seen about version 5 it looks very promising. I wanted to know if v5 will be made available to Steam Leadwerks owners either with a free upgrade or a DLC upgrade. A friend told me that v5 will not be on Steam and it is a fully separate thing. If that is the case and I want to use Leadwerks v5, then buying the C++ Professional version DLC on Steam would be a waste of money because I would have to buy it again for the Non-Steam edition of Leadwerks v5. Can someone who fully knows how v5 will be deployed clarify this issue fo
  5. Hello, I just wanted to leave a quick suggestion; It would be nice to see a better implementation of the steam achievements used. Maybe ones that unlock after following certain tasks throughout the tutorials ect.
  6. Article from Polygon: http://www.polygon.com/2017/2/10/14571438/steam-direct-greenlight-dumped TL;DR: $5000 seems extremely steep if that was to be true. If hobbyists like us want to get our game on Steam we really, really have to make sure that it will make at least $5000 just to break even for the initial fee. Sound a bit too harsh for me. Perhaps we have to try to look for alternatives like other platforms or other ways to make money? Would be a shame though, as Steam is such a big platform. I do like the idea of basic compatibility tests though, but I wonder how much info you
  7. My problem is the following: I bought Leadwerks some weeks ago, and now I want to use it. As it requires OpenGL4, I believed that it would run on the latest version of RadeonSI supporting OpenGL 4.1, but when I try to launch the application, A window pops up saying that it "Failed to initialize Graphics" and that I should update my graphics driver. This is a thing that I do not want, as AMD Crimson edition is ****. When i launch the application with steam opened via terminal, it says that it is running in "experimental openGL 3 fallback". Im sure that the driver suports openGL 4.1
  8. CorzaX24


    Hey team! So I've been using Leadwerks for a while now, and coming along nicely. But for the life of me, cannot figure out how to get a good "authentic" looking emitter effect. Particularly with a fast jet of steam, or sparks. Anyone good with emitters? Have any good settings that work well? Much appreciated!
  9. First post here in a couple years... Unfortunately, not a good thing. I have an interest in Leadwerks again, but unfortunately, I no longer have access to the Steam account I purchased it with, or the email tied to that account. I've tried contacting Steam support and they have given me no response. So I'm asking you guys for help. Is there anything I can do about this? I've lost a $200 value (I had the Professional Edition DLC), and I really want to use Leadwerks for my next project. Anybody have any suggestions or ways to help? (JOSH READ THIS PART) I still have my original pur
  10. Hello All, I was looking on the Leadwerks workshop just browsing packs and thinking about making my own. To my disappointment all of the packs that are available for purchase seemingly cannot be bought. Where the price should be is just these two hash marks "--". When I click on the pack and click the "buy" button it takes me to the home > Oops steam page and tells me an error has occurred. If anyone could help me figure this out it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Hey guys! I am a new user looking to get into Leadwerks, however I want to try playing around with the trial version before I commit to purchasing it, just to do the tutorials, etc. I already have a background in game design but I wanted to see the capabilities of this software to create a game concept that I have had for a long time (Leadwerks looks awesome!) I tried downloading the Indie Edition Demo off last night off steam and I installed it on my computer, however before the engine even loads I just got an error that the trial expired right off the bat? What gives? I read around,
  12. Hi. Do you have plans to implement Matchmaking in Leadwerks Game Launcher? It would be great if we could publish small multiplayer games in the Workshop.
  13. Hey guys I got the Steam edition and started a New project to do a bit of experimentation, wanted to go back to the tutorials but I can't find where the sample files are located. With Steam do they save in another location for Leadwerks? Ok got the answer to this question, for anyone else new, they will show up depending on what starting template you choose. Thanks!
  14. How is everyone doing! Been ages since I've been around here. Was looking at this engine a while back, now I saw that it was up on Steam on sale, so I've decided to take the plunge and give this game engine a good shot. I've seen the video on Steam there where it goes through briefly other games people have made, and I have to say, amazing! So how's the community out here? Anyways, expect to see me out around the forums asking for help and what not. I'm going through the tutorials and no doubt I'll be back. Have a great day everyone!
  15. Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is a bug with Leadwerks or Steam, or both. However, I've just updated Leadwerks and tired to run it, receiving the following warning: "Can't initialize program. Please start Steam". The Steam client is running, and I've even tried running it as administrator. I've also tried the previous in combination with launching Leadwerks from within Steam and from the Leadwerks application shortcut on my desktop. The same happens when trying to launch LE Game Launcher as well. Does anyone have any further ideas to try, or as to what this could be? Thanks
  16. I just purchased the "Downloadable Content" from the STEAM store and it finished installing. I opened up Leadwerks and the FPS WEAPON PACK, LGE:Standard Edition, SCifi kit, Zombie pack did not install. I created a new project to see if it would help and i even "Verify Integrity of application cache" in steam options. Still nothing. Please Help
  17. Hi! I noticed a while ago that the Leadworks editor prints the following Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 251810 Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: 76561198024704964 [API loaded no] Is there actually any way to make use of this? Like, load the ID into a variable or use the API in any other way since it says "API loaded no"? I know that Steamworks is probably impossible, since it's for C++, but yea... Thanks, KraXarN
  18. Hi, If you purchase leadwerks indie edition and standard edition on steam are their any additional steps you need to take to access the documentation on this site. A few external websites link to documentation here but when I try to access them I get permission denied. I suspect they are either expired links or I missed a step in setting up my account but couldn't find anything related on the forms
  19. I had wiped out my Documents/Leadwerks to start with fresh projects I updated to 3.5 on Linux via Steam I decided to walk through all the new tutorial content. On this page: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/_/editor-interface-r1 Loading up the new tutorials project, I received: Error: Failed to load map "/home/malachi/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects\Tutorials/Maps/start.map". Checking the directory, that file is in fact missing: -rwxrwxr-x 1 malachi malachi 68565 May 20 22:20 Scene Panel.map -rwxrwxr-x 1 malachi malachi 51003 May 20 22:20 Prefabs.map -rwxrwxr
  20. I just baught the steam indie version of Leadwerks and havent been able to use it yet, because its crashing on startup but leaving its process running. I kill the process try again and same thing. its a clean fresh install since i never had any other installs of leadwerks before. also the Log file is empty. Error says: Runtime error R6025 - pure virtual function call says its an AppHangB1 anyone know what may be causing this? pc specs: AMD phenom II x4 955 3.21 ghz 8gb ram radeon HD 6870
  21. When using the glass material, I assume Leadwerks continues to cull the objects behind the object. This leads to views where most of your level is simply missing. This does not happen in the editor. I have a map uploaded to demonstrate the bug. When you load the map in the editor you will see there are 3 colored boxes at the end of a path. When you start the map BEFORE you start to move, you will only see the blue box. Walk backwards and all the boxes appear. Walk back up to the glass. Strafe left or right. As you get to the edge of the glass the box in that direction appears. You can also
  22. Hello, When running the observatory.map file, I recieve the following error: Failed to load material "C:/Users/Josh/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/MyGame/AddOns/SciFi Interior Construction Kit/sektor74587.mat". (The Sci-Fi interior DLC was obtained via Steam, if that's relevant) Cheers, Stu
  23. If I use the TriggerChangeMap script without any weapon equipped it works fine. When I pick up a weapon from the dlc FPSWeapon pack or start with autopistol prefab I get an error " Lua error: stack overflow " when trigger is activated. I also noticed an error with the dlc melee weapon equipped and trigger map change I get an error "attempt to index a nil value Line 268. " I corrected it by changing the second self.emitter release number from [1] to a [2] in the function script:Release() section of the FPSMeleeWeapon script. Thank you for all help in advance, Kirk
  24. I tried that now several times and TreePack is empty what's the solution here ?
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