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  1. This will create a "spinner" widget like in 3ds max. You can use SetRange() to control the min and max values. Download: Spinner.h Example: #include "UltraEngine.h" #include "Spinner.h" using namespace UltraEngine; int main(int argc, const char* argv[]) { //Get displays auto displays = GetDisplays(); //Create window auto mainwindow = CreateWindow("Spinner", 0, 0, 800, 600, displays[0]); //Create user interface auto ui = CreateInterface(mainwindow); iVec2 sz = ui->root->ClientSize(); //Create spinners auto ispinner = CreateSpinner(20, 20, 100, 30,
  2. Josh


    This video demonstrates usage of the TreeView widget: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/CreateTreeView
  3. Josh


    This video describes the slider widget: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/CreateSlider
  4. Josh


    This video describes usage of the menu widget: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/CreateMenu
  5. Josh


    This video describes usage of the tabber widget: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/CreateTabber
  6. Josh


    This video describes usage of the TextArea widget: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/CreateTextArea
  7. Josh


    This video describes usage of the ComboBox widget: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/CreateComboBox
  8. Josh


    This video demonstrates usage of the ProgressBar widget: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/CreateProgressBar
  9. Josh


    This video describes usage of the button widget: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/CreateButton
  10. Josh


    This video describes usage of the ListBox widget: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/CreateListBox
  11. Josh


    This video describes usage of the label widget: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/CreateLabel
  12. Josh


    This video describes usage of the panel widget. See the documentation here for momre details: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/CreatePanel
  13. Josh


    This video demonstrates usage of the TextField widget. See the documentation here for more details: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/CreateTextField
  14. This video demonstrates how Ultra App Kit can be integrated with a 3D engine to create a 3D viewport embedded in a GUI desktop application. See the documentation here for more details: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/Leadwerks
  15. This video demonstrates how to create a basic OpenGL window and a more advanced 3D rendering viewport embedded in a GUI application.
  16. Josh

    DPI Scaling

    This video shows how to create resolution-independent GUI applications for any DPI monitor.
  17. Josh

    Event Listeners

    This video shows how and why you would use event listeners to intercept and evaluate events.
  18. Josh

    Widget Layout

    This video demonstrates how the widget layout can be used to control how a widget responds when the window is resized, and how it interacts with DPI scaling.
  19. This video shows how to generate a new Visual Studio project, and how it is used to create desktop applications.
  20. I worked the half day on that problem and I think I give the information to everyone who also has this problem with fog. In the Editor fog looks a little bit like fog. Without implementig fog in C++ source, no fog is visible in C++. Loading a map after craeting a camera only a touch of a color is visible in the very far, and fog is not working as it should. I mean with map not a terrain, I loaded a map with only a plattform and some prefabs. I have not tested with terrain. So load a map before creating a camera. Nothing works correct if you not do that.
  21. Since 3 years I have not programmed anything with Leadwerks, that has nothing to do with Leadwerks it was a real life thing. So I must learn the stuff from the beginning. My natural language is not English, I hope you can forgive me a mistake or two . If you want test the code you make a new project and a map. I made some test objects to see if climbing fails or not and under which steps I can crouch and on which step I can jump. I make this blog for me to save the source code. Two times in my life I lost nearly all my source I programmed by HardDrive crashes. So
  22. Leadwerks C++ Noob here... So I'm programmatically creating a bunch of floor tiles out of PolyMesh for my player to walk around on, and it works great except for one strange behavior. When I call Translate() on my tile Model class it slowly erodes/squishes the PolyMesh data until it is gone completely, and then my player just falls through. If I don't translate, no problem. I looked into the docs a bit and I see that PolyMesh isn't recommended for moving objects. However when I try the same with ConvexHull() I am getting no collision data at all. My tiles are basically smal
  23. Hello community, long time no see. I am working on my own graphical user interface, for my super duper rpg game :). The use separate textures for each button state, etc. I consider it not effective! It is better to load the texture with the atlas of the whole GUI once. And use her. In order to draw a texture from the atlas, we need to slightly modify the standard shader (drawimage), and save it under a different name (drawimagerect). Shader #version 400 uniform vec4 drawcolor; uniform sampler2D texture0; uniform vec4 rect; in vec2 vTexCoords0; out vec4 fragData0; void ma
  24. IgorBgz90

    UTF8 Support!

    Hello again. Implemented UTF8 support for LE4. Works fine?. context->SetBlendMode(Blend::Alpha); context->DrawText(u8"Привет мир! Hello world!", 25.0f, 25.0f); context->SetBlendMode(Blend::Solid); Add yours symbols to "familychars" and make own "family" in Font.cpp if (family==Font::English) { familychars = L"abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzабвгдеёжзийклмнопрстуфхцчшщъыьэюя АБВГДЕЁЖЗИКЛМНОПРСТУФХЦЧШЩЪЫЬЭЮЯABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890-=!@#$%^&*()_+[]\\{}|;':\",./<>? `~"; } Update: #include <codecvt> std::string WideStringToString(const std::wstring
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