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  1. What's the best way to add physics constraints to a custom player controller? For example, the cylinder shape is pulled toward gravity (which is not always straight down) then collides with an object, how do I stop little movements like sliding and twisting once it collides? As far as I can tell, the inbuilt character controller only slides if the slope is greater than max slope. And when it moves around by key press it doesn't rotate left or right or jitter as it goes over various sloped polygons. Gravity is added like so in a different class to the controller; float _force =
  2. What would cause the background to seep through the leaves? I've attached the two materials of the trees. PineTreeLeaves.mat PineTreeTrunk.mat
  3. Can the gravity direction be changed on a per object basis rather than per world? I'd like to change the direction for the character controller. Would it be possible to turn off the world gravity and add forces to the controller object, or will this mess things up? ?
  4. Hello, this is my first thread on this forum.? Today i am learning the c++ Official tutorial. But in this tutorial we need to launch our script you print hello world in c++ but it doesn't work, i have a bunch of errors (942) E1696. Any help will be appreciate ?
  5. In my game I store six 2049 x 2049 height-maps in a dynamically created array, like this; size_t mapSize = 2049 * 2049; float* map = new float[mapSize];//approx 16mb When the app closes they are destroyed like this; delete[] map; As far as I can tell, the more data I load in this way, the app will eventually crash with a "bad_alloc" or "memory exception". It doesn't crash when it allocates for the new map I'm loading, it crashes later on when I'm allocating storage for something else. It could be another set of 16mb or the set of 50mb being allocated. Everything will b
  6. I'm currently trying to write a shader that makes every triangle of the mesh point to the position of the camera regardless of the camera's rotation. I think I can multiply the vertex positions in the vertex shader by a one of the matrices but I'm not sure which one or how. And I think the camera matrix will rotate the triangle to the same orientation as the camera and not just point to it's position? Basically I need the vertex shader (or geometry if it's easier) to do what Entity::Point() does but on each triangle and not the mesh as a whole. Anyone got any ideas on how to do this?
  7. Today I feel good to start learning new thing in Leadwerks, that is C++ with long time bought Professional DLC (I did this before but not successful) I remember that now Leadwerks 4.4 support VS2017 then I do some simple steps Create a Blank Project in Leadwerks Editor Open Projects/Windows/TestBlankProject.sln by VS2017 Goto Build > Build Solution F7 then I get this This is what I found https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/error-messages/tool-errors/linker-tools-error-lnk2019?f1 But I don't understand anything on that page to find the solution
  8. I'm using a buffer to draw some 2D graphics too but can't seam to clear the buffer with transparency. I looked at the forum here for the info regarding buffers and 2D drawing; I tried clearing the buffer with this code but only get a white screen; //App Start Buffer* topLevelBuffer = Buffer::Create(1024, 768, 1, 0); //Draw Loop topLevelBuffer->SetColor(1, 1, 1, 0); topLevelBuffer->Clear(); topLevelBuffer->Enable(); DrawUI(topLevelBuffer); _context->Enable(); _context->DrawImage(topLevelBuffer->GetColorTexture(), 0, 0); Anyone had any luck with
  9. When turning an entity, GetRotation() will return correct for a while then the Z axis will pop to zero for a bit before it starts reading properly again. Below is some test code showing the problem. On my current project, sometimes the Turn() function will suddenly pop to random values, but I'm unable to reproduce this here yet. I'm using the latest BETA build. #include "App.h" using namespace Leadwerks; App::App() : window(NULL), context(NULL), world(NULL), camera(NULL) {} App::~App() { delete world; delete window; } Model* box; bool App::Start() { window = Window::Cr
  10. I just got the leadwerks game engine and was wondering if i needed to buy the Professional DLC to use C++, if not, how do I get started to enable C++ support? I code a lot in C++ and openGL in Visual Studios and would love to start using a game engine. Thanks for the help.
  11. I have been working on a menubar widget and it came out pretty nicely. I thought i would release it either for people to have an example of what would be possible with the widget's flexibility or just for people to use it. For now it only works in C++ since it makes use of CallFunction(). MenubarElement.lua !! Make sure when you create the widget you create it last so it will render on top !! It allows horizontal rules and submenus. How to use: (C++) Create the widget and fill the menu float scale = gui->GetScale(); mnuBarItem = Widget:
  12. Very simply, where is the log file that shows what the console shows? I have a lot of console messages so I don't see the first part after the console cuts it off (even after scrolling up). After compiling, I have a project.log that I think Visual Studio generates and an update.log which is not it either. No other log files in my project folder or Steam Leadwerks folder. The one under AppData\Local\Leadwerks isn't it either.
  13. Hello everyone, I just playing around leadwerks c++ to learn engine. I've created a simple map with editor and save it under Maps folder. Once I try to load that map through cpp code and give path parameter as "Maps/sm.map", leadwerks can not find the map. Because engine is trying to load file at "../LeadwerksEngine/Projects/Maps/sm.map" It get fixed by adding project name to path as follows (Cube is project name) ../LeadwerksEngine/Projects/Cube/Maps/sm.map" However even so engine loads the map, engine can not load textures and etc within the map. Engine gives errors to read
  14. Hi all, I have problem compile a blank Leadwerks C++ project on ubuntu 16.04(64Bit) with CodeBlocs(ver.16.01). Before i used CB on Ubuntu 15.10 without problems. Strange is that after fresh install on ubuntu 16.04 I have to install also all dependecy libraries manualy (libgl1-mesa-dev...etc) even it is installed from Steam. After installation of libraries that linker wanted i got: g++ -o ../../SpaceWars.debug ../../Source/App.o ../../Source/main.o /media/mbarhon/53229DC13D856ACD/mbarhon/Steam/steamapps/common/Leadwerks/Library/Linux/Debug/Leadwerks.a -ldl -lopenal -lGL -lGLU /me
  15. Hi there, since Code::Blocks IDE is quiet unstable, buggy and occasionally freezes, especially on Linux (Ubuntu 16.10+) I have to look for another multi-platform IDE for C++. Now I mess with CodeLite IDE and it looks promising. It's possible officially support this IDE? - create a basic workspace and project, or is there someone who have some experience with this IDE in combination with Leadwerks? :-) Thanks :-)
  16. Hi, I was lately thinking about converting all my code from Lua to C++. Without knowing the size of my project, do you estaminate this is something taking very long, like more then 2 months, or is this something you could do within a week (I maybe have about 60-80 scripts) if you are working hard on it? Furthermore do you see any advantages in doing this (or better said is it worth the time) and I am not talking about speed, I much more mean the libraries that C++ offers and the more precice debugging. Thanks for your ideas and Merry Christmas.
  17. Hi guys, I'm trying to get the hang of drawing a GUI but falling rather short on actually getting anything to draw correctly. Right now I can create a button, but it only renders for a single frame when i hover the mouse over it and un-hover. So this leads me to believe that I need to perhaps render it every frame? Here's a test example: #include <Leadwerks.h> using namespace Leadwerks; int main( int argc,const char *argv[] ) { Window *window = Window::Create( "Some game", 100, 100, 400, 400, Window::Titlebar ); Context *context = Context::Create( window ); GU
  18. Probably a very simple question but if I have Light* light = DirectionalLight::Create(), how can I access shadowstagerange[4] via C++ code? I have some shadows acting weird and I think this could help, per Josh's suggestion here: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/12573-directional-light-cast-shadow-distance-and-camera-zoom-important-issue/?do=findComment&comment=90577 If anyone's curious, this is what I'm looking at (shadow cutting off suddenly in a side-scroller). I already tried camera->SetMultisampleMode(32) and world->SetLightQuality(2) and setting various light ra
  19. If I use the Boost library in my C++ code, will it break anything in Leadwerks? Cheers! -Caolan
  20. Hi guys, Trying to get your take on the correct usage of the Image class. I'm trying to change the image of a widget using SetImage(). It seems that the documentation is incomplete, missing the Image class (unless I've missed it :S). Through trying to use this class, I've noticed that Image::Load() has been commented out in Window.win32.h (perhaps it was not finished?). I instead tried something like: wstring str = L"Materials/GUI/button1.tex"; Image *image = new Image(); image->Initialize( str ); Which exited my program after attempting a run, not sure why. Log:
  21. Hi guys, What sort of technique would you recommend in order for building a footpath in a game like rollercoaster tycoon? I would like to be able to click with the mouse and place a footpath tile. Would decals be the right way to go here? Would they be efficient enough, since there could be (hypothetically) somewhat hundreds of tiles on screen at a time? Thank you.
  22. Lately I've been getting heaps of seemingly random errors. I traced a few of these problems to memory leaks which is why I started using smart pointers. But still I get random "Access Violations". Sometimes it will be inside a Leadwerks function and other times it will be in mine. I can stop the program and run again without cleaning the solution and it will crash somewhere else or it wont crash at all. Seems to be random and the only thing I think it could be is memory leaks. I'm not sure what else could cause random errors like this. Has anyone had similar problems or know of poss
  23. I just want to verify the way the physics commands should work. I'm assuming that Newton Game Dynamics uses real world equations to calculate the final force and velocity of objects. So if that's the case, what are the units of measurements that should be passed to each of the physics commands? If I set an entities mass to 100.0f, and say this is 100 kg, what should input into into "AddForce()"? m/s² or Newtons? It would make sense to be newtons because that's the measurement of force. And also "SetFriction()". Is this the friction coefficient or the force in newtons that ha
  24. Hi guys, Just wondering how to go about having multiple instances of the same actual model? Let's take a model of a fence for example - if every time I wish to deploy a fence, if I call Model::Load() will Leadwerks actually load this model every time? Or will it load it once, store it, and return a copy of it for me? Or do I need to set up my own system that loads each model I need once, which returns a copy each time I need one? Thank you.
  25. In lua I would do this : --index which vary on each recurisive run. local mid=-dim..":"..-df..":"..dim..":"..df..":"..xfactor..":"..yfactor..":"..division..":"..factor..":"..orientation.x..":"..orientation.y..":"..orientation.z --create model if the index "mid" doesn't exist in table models if models[mid]==nil then model = Model:Create() model:SetRotation(orientation) models[mid] = model end
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