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  1. Hello! I have problems with creating spectator camera with C++ using this tutorial sphere moving faster then camera, but this is not main problem. I dont understand why, but sphere have the inertia. I mean, when i stop pressing 'w' sphere dont stop movement, just slow down a bit. And also she pushes off from the wall and flies. I cant understand why it hapends! Please, give me advice. There is my code #include "App.h" using namespace Leadwerks; App::App() : window(NULL), context(NULL), world(NULL), camera(NULL) {} App::~App() { delete world; delete window; } Vec3 camRotation;
  2. I'm running into a huge issue, I can't wrap my head around it. Whenever I compile the Lua interpreter (Visual Studio Express 2013, Release mode, Windows-32 bit), I get back an exe about 5.5 MB large. The Lua interpreter that comes in each project is only 4.5 MB large. This fact alone wouldn't be a huge issue, but I have a feeling that it is contributing to perfomance issues. Here's the problem: If I create a map with too many entities, my compiled interpreter will exponentially decrease it's framerate until the game basically freezes. The same map used on the Lua interpreted version does n
  3. Following unused files are distributed. They don't have any usage other than generating 'fake' objects and namespaces in the class view. Should be removed. Leadwerks/Include/Classes/VoxelGrid.h - no namespace Leadwerks/Include/Classes/Keyboard.h - no namespace Leadwerks/Include/Classes/Mouse.h - no namespace Leadwerks/Include/Classes/scenegraph.h - namespace LE3 Leadwerks/Include/Classes/Polygon.h - no namespace Before removing them After removing them Also, my guess is that the namespace Leadwerks3D is some leftover from previous version and they should have the name
  4. Before I released Vectronic's Demo, I've noticed that when recompiling the project even with the stock code, the game runs at a much slower framerate than the exe generated by the project manager. But now since the demo is out, and there is something to test it with I'd thought I would share this issue with the community, and hopefully find a fix. Please download the Vectronic Demo if you don't have it already, then download this 7z file which contains two exe's. One recompiled titles "Vectronic_Recompiled" (Recompiled by me.) and the other "Vectronic_Stock" (Straight from the project mana
  5. Hello! There was such problem. Created a card with the sky and water. I load it using the following: std:: string mapname = System:: GetProperty ("map", "Maps/my_map_01.map"). I start compilation and at me it is not visible the sky. What do I do not so?
  6. I was trying to get sources spawned at positions where you can hear where it's coming from, but whenever I try to spawn a listener and a source (regardless of position), the sound would still sound 2D. Steps to reproduce: Start a blank C++ project Replace the App.cpp's code with this (from the wiki page) Find a sound to play (blank project doesn't have the sound from the wiki) Compile and run Use arrow keys and hear no difference Would be nice if this could get fixed soon. I'm using the latest Beta version. Haven't tested it with Lua though. Example project can be downl
  7. SetColor(1,1,1, 0.5) don't work(For each models in fame). I've tried everything. Help, please. What am i doing wrong?
  8. Have anyone code simples whis using sprites(Like a model, for bullets, for example)? It all, that i need
  9. When you create a Lua project, there are two C++ files listed under the Source folder. Suppose I want to recompile these. Does anyone know how I would go about doing this with VS 2013 (like step-by-step)? (I'm new to C++ for Windows, I primarily worked with C++ on Linux )
  10. Did anyone know, how to create effects like in ?Code sample, if possible
  11. If you now, fast objekts skip collision check and move through other objekts. Have engine any standart methods preventing it?
  12. I assume it's possible seeing as the editor is doing just that. But how would I go about implementing it? What I want to do is run Leadwerks in a panel or something similar and spread Win32 form controls around it.
  13. When i create surface it look like it does not reflect light — very-very dark. What parameter setting it?
  14. What i need to setup qraphics to model like in editor? Open GL support all af this, but i don't know how turn on this methods
  15. Is it possible to check if the window is focused or not eg tabbed out? Some googling indicated in leadwerks 2 AppSuspended() was used however i cant seem to find a leadwerks 3 versions. Im basically trying to stop moving the mouse when the window isnt active
  16. Have anyone code exapmles with buffers using? In wiki it is VERY old
  17. Hi. How to check collision whith trigger and other objects and return this objects adress? In C++
  18. There is a way to get the texture of the buffer, without a strong drawdown FPS? Simple code of Monitor: function Script:Start() --Material self.material = Material:Load("Materials/Monitor/monitor.mat") self.entity:SetMaterial(self.material) --Buffer self.buffer = Buffer:Create(App.window:GetWidth(),App.window:GetHeight(),1,0); self.buffer:SetColorTexture(Texture:Create(App.context:GetWidth(),App.context:GetHeight())) self.buffer:Disable(); end function Script:UpdateWorld() self.buffer:Clear() self.buffer:Enable() self.entity:Hide() --self.camera:Show() App.world:Render() --self.camer
  19. TonyF

    C++ Lagging

    Hi, I have started a c++ project and am using the zombie DLC as an initial placeholder. I have noticed that i can load in a maximum of about 5 zombie models (no animations or scripts running) and then the framerate goes down for every additional zombie i add to a max of 10. If i put the default prefab zombie into the map then i can put 10 in without lag. I have tried both debug and release modes. Oddly when i add in extra models and my framerate goes down so does my GPU usage which i have no idea why (Goes from 10% to more or less nothing / CPU sits on about 12%). I do sup
  20. So, i want create models in real time via set vertices of this model, but model class have not similar functions
  21. So, i wanna project image that "see" camera at other place. How i can do that? I think, it have function simple fo this goal
  22. to go into but more explanation of what question I am asking is, why does &World::Clear; work instead of World::Clear; Intelleasense said to put a & in front but why does it not work without a & symbol?
  23. Please add in the next update - opportunity to get a type from the file material. I think it will be very comfortable and functional. You can make a return type int... int Material::GetType(); //Returns the type of material "Metal, Concrete, Wood, Water, Flesh, Grass etc.." Example of use: --FPSPlayer Footsteps Get type function Script:Collision(entity,position,normal,speed) if speed>20 then self:Hurt(100) end if entity:GetMaterial():GetType() ~! nil then if entity:GetMaterial():GetType() == Material:Type:Concrete then self.sound.footsteps.type = 1 end if entity:GetMaterial
  24. Error tends to occur when loading "terraintool.shader." Specs are as follow: AMD FX-8350 XFX R9 280x 8gb of Kingston HyperX @ 1600Mhz (And that's all that's important.) This error started happening when I bought my 280x. The engine ran fine on my 660 ti. My friend with a 280x also has this exact same error. Any ideas? Am I simply missing an install, or need a re-install due to a GPU change?
  25. I can't compile any project in C++ due to a log with a bunch of errors, all related to Steam. Full log: This is a recent bug because some time ago I could compile without seeing any of this errors.
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