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  1. These guys are not documented
  2. model_path = "G:/342/fff/Models/Characters/Crawler/crawler.mdl"; model = Model::Load(model_path); model->SetAnimationName(1, "Run"); std::cout << "Animation: " << model->GetAnimationName(1); anim = 42; std::cout << "*******animname***: " << model->animationname[1]; model->SetAnimationFrame(Time::GetCurrent() / 100.0, 1, 1, 1); model->Update(); Here's a problem: animation draws incorrectly, somebody knows how to fix it?
  3. Hi all! I have a custom Cursor class written in C++. The image (a *.tex file) is being drawn multiple times across the window as I move the mouse. How can I draw it only where the mouse is, and avoid it being drawn all over the place? I have this for drawing: context->SetBlendMode(Leadwerks::Blend::Alpha); context->DrawImage(cursorImage, (mousePosition.x - cursorOffset.x), (mousePosition.y - cursorOffset.y)); context->SetBlendMode(Leadwerks::Blend::Solid); I've attempted clearing the context - which resolves this issue - but other drawn images do not display, a
  4. For Keyboard Input I can not found a way to get german umlaut like "ä,ö,ü,Ä,Ö,Ü,ß" also the Left- and right- Alt Key I am missing in the Keylist. I miss in the API- Reference a function to get the scancode from a keypress.
  5. After a long while of inactivity on the forums, I wanted to take the time and share my boilerplate and base game application, in c++, for the Leadwerks game engine. The source can be found here. This project uses V$ 2013, C++11 and Leadwerks 3.X. There are currently no external dependencies outside from the full version of Leadwerks Game Engine, on Steam. If you have any problems setting up the application just let me know. I will gladly assist in any way possible. You should be able to clone/download the repo, drag in the Leadwerks asset folders, and be on your way! What it includes:
  6. I understand that when using CharacterPhysics for an object, the physics shape will always been a cylinder. The question is, can I tweak any other aspect of it, such as its size? I've got small enemies and large enemies, and there are places that the small enemies can go that the big enemies (whose collision is the same size), shouldn't be able to go.
  7. Hi, LeadwerksDemo has some errors on Ubuntu 14.04 : - At compiling, Leadwerks.h can't be found : - BackSlash are used instead Slash : - Some files and local vars are missing :
  8. This is a very rough first pass attempt at reading amplitude data from a wav file. I'm hoping to get the signal cleaned up so that I can detect subtle differences in amplitude. Anybody really knowledgeable about the Bank class in regards to audio processing, or using fast fourier transform to smooth data?
  9. Hi, I noticed that the loading time for a map consisting of 4 models (one is animated) is too long. Leadwerks::Map::Load(getLevelName()) The code above runs on a Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2013 project, in the Debug configuration and it needs approximately 11 secs In the Release configuration the loading time is considerably shorter.
  10. Hello, I think i need some help here. i own leadwerks and the professional eddition dlc on both on steam and now im trying to start a C++ project. i tried going to the project manager and making a new project, selecting the black project option but then, where in the past i got the question what type of project i wanted to create, it now just creates a lua project without asking first. so now im wondering, how do i start a C++ project? when i search for tutorials they all show the popup screen were it asks if i want to make a Lua or C++ project, but when i do exactly the same thing, it doesnt
  11. Hi, I am trying to find a way of setting up custom properties for a model using the editor. One way is to create script properties but I don't know how I can access them using C++ Any help will be appreciated
  12. The statement '#undef GetFileType' there is in the App.h file In what does it serve for?
  13. Please consider this piece of code: #include "App.h" App::App() : window(NULL), context(NULL), world(NULL), camera(NULL) { } App::~App() { delete world; delete window; } Leadwerks::Model *model = NULL; bool App::Start() { window = Leadwerks::Window::Create(); context = Leadwerks::Context::Create(window); world = Leadwerks::World::Create(); camera = Leadwerks::Camera::Create(); camera->Move(0, 0, -3); Leadwerks::Light *light = Leadwerks::DirectionalLight::Create(); light->SetRotation(35, 35, 0); model = Leadwerks::Model::Box(); model->SetColor
  14. Hi all, I've just started getting back into C++ and Leadwerks and I'm having an issue with a simple task: displaying a model created in code at runtime. The model doesn't display, and all I see is a black screen. If anyone could offer any advice on how to look for the problem I would be very grateful! App.h #pragma once #include "Leadwerks.h" #undef GetFileType using namespace Leadwerks; class App { public: Leadwerks::Window* window; Context* context; World* world; Camera* camera; Light* light; Model* box; App(); virtual ~App(); bool Start();
  15. Hello Everyone, So I have started working on my game in leadwerks (C++). It has been really fun so far but for some strange reason I just can't get it to work the way I want. For now the project only consists of a few files and I was working on getting my SceneManager to work. The scenemanager should create the world / load worlds etc but when I run my code it keeps flickering the screen and doesn't load up the map correct. I have tried both world->clear and world->release but it keeps flickering the loading screen and doesn't return. So I hope someone could help me out and show
  16. So lets say i wanted to do a racing game and have a 'rear view mirror' on the screen. I would use a second camera right. So how would I display the image over the first. Also Lets say i wanted to put 2 views side by side. A top down and a 3d perspective, similar to the editor. How do I display the multiple views? This can be either LE 2.5 or 3.x Thanks in advance ~Xtreampb~
  17. Hi, i have created a Project from the Marble Game Template for a Test in MS Visual C++ 2013, here my steps: main.cpp if (ext=="zip" || ext=="pak") { Leadwerks::Package::Load(file,"strongpassword"); } Ok after the changes in main.cpp i have compiled the solution and the Game runs in the Projectfolder, now i have create a folder "MarbleGame" with the MarbleGame.exe, lua51.dll and the steam_api.dll from the Projectfolder, the Assets are in seperated protected ZIP Archives like this: Fonts.zip Maps.zip Materials.zip Models.zip Scripts.zip Shaders.zip Sound.zip I
  18. For example, I create new class in c++ code. In API.cpp I can create new object on base of this class, but in Editor i can't create this object. An i want to learn: Can I create object on base of c++ classes in editor. Thanks in advance.
  19. I want to create a terrain, which will be loaded when player to be in it. How I can do it? Be desirable, if you can give me example on c++ code. Thanks in advance.
  20. Probably a stupid question, but I just started using Leadwerks again, and happened to stumble across classes like GUI, Button, TextButton, etc in autocomplete. Are these just leftovers of something, or are they something new? Can't find any docs on them and using them tends to give errors about shaders.
  21. Hi I am new here, i would want to know if there is a support between for Visual Studio community 2015 and Leadwerks ? Any examples how to use that ? Otherwise where i can get various demos to start with C++ ?
  22. I wish for Leadwerks some functions for saving 3D model stuff. Not inside the editor, I wish to export a model in .fbx format and .mdl as a prefab it would also be nice.
  23. When compiling in Linux a bunch of warning for unknown pragmas is generated. Really annoying. Example: Compiling this source file #include <Leadwerks.h> // yes! A one line cpp file You will get following warnings. Yes! I know they can be ignored. But the whole thing looks like a mess and its hard to see the "Real" warnings. In file included from /home/roland/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Leadwerks/Include/Leadwerks.h:327:0, from /media/roland/work/LE/Trails/Source/dummy.cpp:1: /home/roland/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Leadwerks/Include/Classes/Directory.h:2
  24. When I started the engine I thought I should combine the Lua and C++. For example scripts to do on Lua ,game logic and mechanics on C++. But everything you can write in C++, you can also write and Lua and I thought - does it make sense to combine Lua and C++? Are there any advantages in the combination of two languages?
  25. Right now the compiled *.o files are generated in the same directory as the source files, which is a bit messy (at least according to me). It would be better of the ended up in its own directory. This is simply done by changing one line in the template $PROJECT_NAME.cbp. Change this line <Option object_output="../../" /> To <Option object_output="obj" /> and all compiled object files will end up in folders at Project/Linux/obj
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