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  1. I am not able to import the the attached sample model with two animation (named MoveIt and MoveItAgain). Other engines i have tried do not have any proble with the file. The FBX format isa 2013 but i have tried it with all version down to 2009. The model and the animations were made and exported with Modo 901 Indie. Any ideas what the problem is? Any help is appreciated! test_7.fbx
  2. I wish for Leadwerks some functions for saving 3D model stuff. Not inside the editor, I wish to export a model in .fbx format and .mdl as a prefab it would also be nice.
  3. Hello! I have created animation in cinema 4d. Then i have inported id into fbxm and put this into Leadwerks. But when i opened animation into leadwerks it doesnt woked, i saw only model. How can i fix that?
  4. Hello! I am having a problem with importing models from 3DS Max 2014. I downloaded from the Internet ready object with animation. Loaded it into the editor. It works fine, but when you import models created by me, animation disappears completely. What is the reason and how to make my models with animations move in Leadwerks Game Engine 3.4? In the downloaded file: girl downloaded from the Internet, and a shield with the animation did himself. Здравствуйте! У меня возникла проблема с импортом моделей из 3DS Max 2014. Я скачал из интернета готовый обьект с анимацией. Загрузил его в редак
  5. Hi Guys I have a problem ,I,m using using the script by Nick.ace (thanks Nick) like attached. Offcourse the default crawler works fine with a simple animation sequence.But for example rigs from dexsoft, arteria, Fuse (Mixamo Rigged) and the ones i made myself seem not to be able to go to the specified waypoint. Animation works fine on all models. Wierd thing is, even removing the animation the entity doesn't follow (goto) the specified waypoints.It doesn't move at all. Maybey related to Character Controller settings? (for the record I used the crawler settings). Setting the mass as a test
  6. Hello! I have a problem with exporting models with animation from 3Ds Max 2012 in Leadwerks Game Engine: Standard Edition. Some models are exported with no problems, but when exporting certain there is a problem: animation disappears (the models themselves are imported, and in Leadwerks Game Engine: the Standard Edition of these animations no). How to solve this problem? I attach one of the models with animations, which normally is not imported into the editor. Здравствуйте! У меня проблема с экспортом моделей с анимацией из 3Ds Max 2012 в Leadwerks Game Engine: Standard Edition. Некот
  7. Hi, I just recently bought Leadwerks Engine and am trying to make an animated object in blender and import it into leadwerks (I have no previous experience making animations in blender). I've gotten the animation working in blender (it's an ankh that bounces up and down and spins around), I used one bone (though I also tried without bones). I can import it into Leadwerks, but the Armature and bone is missing, and there is nothing on the animation tab. It seems to just export it (using the blender -> leadwerks exporter) with the model oriented as it was when I hit export. I've al
  8. Hello everyone, i have made i door model and rigged it and its shows its working in the model editor, and i put it into the scene and add simleAnimation.lua to it input the sequence and run the map but its never animate, that do i do wrong here is a image that shows the animation in model editor, thanks for suggestion. and some know how to use pushbutton.lua and edit it so i can use it like a animated door, have try to paste the simpleAnimation script into pushbutton.lua at function Script:Use() but its not working and game crashes, if i need some script.update.world into it,
  9. Hi, Because Leadwerks use only bones to animate 3D models, I created a simple scene is Blender with 2 disconnected bones that allow me to translate an object. After exporting it to an .mdl file, importing it into LE and open the model editor: the animation is present but my object doesn't move. Is Leadwerks need bones to be connected together to be animated? scene-test-1.zip
  10. Hello Community I have a problem with a low poly character animation to leadwerks (again) In Blender the character and animation rig seems to be fine, I already used ctrl+a, used the leadwerks exporter as well as regular .fbx export , but in leadwerks model editor the bones seem not to be attached to the model, they just loop the animation and the model is always on the first frame of the default animation. regards Friedrich Betz player.fbx
  11. I exported a human model with Makehuman, imported the mhx file into Blender, loaded BVH animation to the model, activated Leadwerks mdl export plugin for Blender and exported it as mdl file. After I imported my animated model to my Leadwerks project, the animation looks like; This animation looks good in Blender and Unity. But in Leadwerks it looks weird. What is the problem? Is it about shaders? I really want to use this engine so I need some help.
  12. Hello. Im Nikola. Im having a strange problem with AI script. I have few 3d characters , my IDLE animation in not 0 anim, it is 3 or 7. When i change that in script, character still performs zero anim as IDLE. How to fix it? Thanks.
  13. Hello everybody, I'm new here and I bought LeadWerks today. I've made a pretty simple 3D character with a 400 frames animation track containing the idle and the run animation. So I read all the topic and tutorials on how to get blender models to LeadWerks. But my model armature still messed up on LeadWerks. When I export a .fbx file my animation track are here but my armature is not correctly rig to my character like in blender. If I export with the addon for Blender my animation track isn't available in LeadWerks and my armature is messed up the same way as the .fbx fil
  14. Just wondering if there are any video/text tutorials to help me with this. I have tried to do both these things and failed miserably, very confused. New to lua code, and leadwerks.
  15. Hi ! What if i want to animate a complex model? A dragon for example. And i want to be able to activate head animations (look down or turn) and body animations (fly, run, etc.) separately. How can i do it? As i understand it's not Leadwerks problem. Every frame of animation describes position of every face. Is there a way to describe relative displacement of faces(bones)? Not for entire model? Anyway i don't think Leadwerks supports it.
  16. Hello everyone, So I'm trying out Leadwerks on Linux, since I bought it yesterday. And the animation screen has a bug in it. Parts of the model keep appearing and dissapearing. Causing the screen to flicker. This is running the Steam Leadwerks version without any beta opt ins. Here are my pc specifications. Antergos (Arch Linux) Linux 3.16.1-1-ARCH Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz GeForce GTX 660 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 Nvidia 340.32 Driver I hope this is enough information. I'd be happy to provide more to help Leadwerks become even better. [media] [/media] Regards,
  17. Hi Folks, I have set up a very basic animated model in C4D (R15 in my case) and exported to fbx. It is just a cube spinning on a platform (no rigging or whatnot). Upon LW import, the animation does not show up, tho. It imports well into UU3D and others. The fbx can be found here: http://www.mikoweb.eu/tmp/LW_Testmodel.zip Anyone got such animation into LW directly from C4D (R15 in my case)? (I know I could/should try using e.g. UU3D or Blender as "middleware", but would love to get it in directly...) Thanks for your comments.
  18. Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a video tutorial I made! Sorry about the video quality, I'm really bad at making videos, better stick to game development . I hope it's useful! Notes: -In the Lua script for the animated model, you MUST use SetAnimationFrame(), as the model for some reason doesn't automatically animate.
  19. I'm able to import models in FBX from Mixamo, but only for one animation sequence. For example, I created a model using their free Steam version, then used their free locomotion pack which adds quite a few basic animation sequences, like walking, running, turning, etc. They provide the download either as all animations in one FBX file (all in a single sequence), or it can be downloaded as the model/skin + first animation FBX and additional animations are in separate FBX files. I imported all of the FBX files into Leadwerks and then tried to load the additional animations into the skinned model
  20. Hi Community ! We have just release a beta version of WebAnimate - a tool based on IKinema engine in the browser (windows only for the moment) that allows you to retarget and customize animation and motion capture data in the browser for free. http://www.ikinema.com/webanimate/ Its free ! It would be great to hear your opinion and what you want to see in the future. It supports any creature, human or non-human. The pipeliene is: import models (FBX) and mocap (BVH) retarget, customize, export (FBX or BVH). We hope you will enjoy it ! Best IKinema Team
  21. I am trying to replace my instances of LoadMesh() in my program with LoadModel() to take advantage of the automatic LOD properties of a model. However, when my character is declared as a Model, the animations no longer work. The model resorts to the T-pose. If the character is declared as a Mesh, then the animations work fine. The Animate() documentation says this: It doesn't seem to be working out for me. I've tried various children of the model for animating and loading the animations.
  22. Well, long time has passed since i have written a new entry. While I'm still working on the asset manager and Texture Converter (non threading version) I have prototyped a small animation class in Blitzmax which can handle multiple animations at once for a single mesh. eg: you can walk and use your sword in the same time. Everything is handled automatically you just give a root animation a speed factor and a blend factor. Later you can simply add an 'extra'- animation to the mesh by using the bonename and an animation name. As you will notice in the video i have not yet synced some
  23. When your NPC moves it may move at different speeds, especially if you are using some sort of steering. This presents the problem of what speed should you play your walk/run animations. My solution is to analyse the animation and see how far the foot travels from start frame to end frame and when animating play the correct amount of frame(s) for the distance. Here’s the code:- #include "anim.h" void animItem::calcAnimDist( TEntity e, TEntity bone ) { TVec3 startPos; TVec3 newPos; TVec3 prevPos; TVec3 rot; float totalZ = 0; float totalX= 0; if (!bone) return; rot = EntityRotation(
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