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  1. Got it, thanks. It was "Increase Grid Size" or "Decrease Grid Size" FIXED!
  2. So I have this box that I want to resize. The one highlighted red. I want to resize it to where its not below the object next to it. I dont want it to be that tall. If I do it goes below it like shown in the attachments below. Any help? If that even made sense?
  3. Steam Client Bootstrapper is not responding when I try to start Leadwerks. Any Ideas?
  4. Having a great birthday this fine Friday!

  5. Yes sir I am using the steam inde edition, and no I dont get an error, I did at first when I tried to download it but now I dont. And yes, Im having trouble setting it up, do you have skype or steam that we could pm or voice chat over?
  6. Hello, My name is Drake and I was wondering if their is a way to import water into the engine? I've tried downloading this http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/files/file/468-water-prefab-for-leadwerks-31-steam-ed/ but its not working... Need help please!
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