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  1. The program I am making is using the physics engine so making a program to follow the ball using SetPosition() and SetRotation() would be us less. Why cant I like Macklebee is saying set the Collision respons becouse it seems to do notthing at the moment.
  2. I have try that now Trigger will work it change its Physics Mode from Rigid Body to Character Controller. But then it does not roll off course. When you make object and make that a child of the ball all kinds of strange things happen. I get a giant ball in the scene and it will not detect any way. So seams is no way to get a ball to be detected.
  3. No did not change Physics Mode from Rigid Body to Character need it to be ball shaped. This maybe a option I wonder what will happen when I shoot it in a hole though.
  4. I have tried making the ball a character instead of a prop allready did not help. Still would not detect it. There must be something in Player prefab that makes it different becouse it is the only thing that is detected.
  5. This is how the script in the ball looks it is linked in flowchart editor to out of CollisionTrigger.lua script. Script.score = "0" Script.hit_test1 = false Script.hit_test2 = false function Script:Ball_hit1()--in self.hit_test1 = true if self.hit_test1 == true then self.score = "50" end end --[[function Script:Ball_hit2()--in self.hit_test2 = true end ]]-- function Script:PostRender(context) context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) if self.hit_test1 == true or self.hit_test2 == true then local context=Context:GetCurrent() context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) --Set blend to alpha so on
  6. This is how it is looking now: --[[This script will make any entity act as a collision trigger. It works best when you set the entity's collision type to "Trigger". This will continuously detect collisions without causing any physical reaction. ]]-- function Script:Start() self.enabled=true end function Script:Collision(entity, position, normal, speed) if self.enabled and entity:GetKeyValue("Name") == "ball" then self.component:CallOutputs("Collision") end end function Script:Enable()--in if self.enabled==false then self.enabled=true self:CallOutpu
  7. I Found out my self that you have to drag the entity in to the box of the script to get it in. It still does not trigger on the ball though.
  8. I am trying to make a trigger box to detect a ball using CollisionTrigger.lua. But it only detects the player. How can I change this the ball is a prop and has a phy file. Any help is welcome I also tried the Selective Collision Trigger 1.0 but it does also not detect the ball I also dont see how I can put a Entity in the box and even it I place it in the script it does not show up in the input box.
  9. Distribution systems like steam are the future cutting out the middle man this is a good thing. Becouse the middle man makes alot with out doing alot. Also things like greenlight are great for inds.
  10. Maybe be you can make a option in the emmiter to say if you want it to be on all the time?
  11. I like them save me a little time again
  12. What I did to have control over the shininess is make a range of shaders for 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% By changing the line "outcolor = mix(outcolor,texture(texture4,cubecoord),0.5); //mix diffuse with cubemap reflection 50%" to that values. Works great
  13. See topic: Material editor not working
  14. I tested on the 3.1 steam indie version to and same error. What happens is that the last texture file you add the meta files are ruined the moment you press save. You all so will see that the meta files are 1k after that. It only happens to the last file you put in the material. I can send you the files if you need them? I hope some one will look at this soon
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