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  1. Thank you. I find it a bit nicer to look at when my eyes are strained ^,^
  2. Thank you for the feedback. I am working on how to work with flowgraphs right now actually! I will try and do it the correct way, using flowgraphs, instead of my cheap way.
  3. Wow forgot to post the video! Problem solved!
  4. Hello everyone. I really feel like 3.1 is lacking materials / tutorials out there for lua scripting. I do not personally know lua but am starting to learn. Below I show you guys how to display a Custom font and how to display text to the screen. I hope you enjoy! It is in 1080p Youtube just has to render it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4fZx9wQ0jM P.S. I linked the custom code colors to this thread. Feel free to use them if you like them
  5. I contacted him, and this is what he said. "The 3.1 version will be released when the linux implementation is done." Luckily for you (if I recall) Josh recently fixed a couple of huge problems with the linux version. We are getting 1 step closer!
  6. Thank you so much! So would the game automaticly create a hitbox around my weapon?(Its melee) or would I have to add that some how.
  7. Hey guys it's me again. I was wondering how one might implement a custom weapon. I know how to create models but my problem is I am not sure how to assign it to the char. Do I assign a bone where I want to have the char hold it? And can someone link me to a detailed Leadwerks 3 Custom Character tutorial? I have the character but I have no clue what to name the bones or how to have Leadwerks recognize the bones. Thank you for your time, Cody Mihelich
  8. Hello guys! My friend and I just bought Leadwerks. I decided to stream so that you can learn with me / give me tips. And that way the staff on here can see how a total newbie to the engine feels. I hope you enjoy! Link: www.twitch.tv/papa_beans Update:: Lots of learning happening, thank you pillar!!! 10 Hours into the stream!
  9. so when can we get the C++ version? Thank you for your replies.
  10. It says 24 people are online. Someone please help!
  11. If I buy the pre-order for 3.1 then will I get the latest version right now? There is nothing else in the store. (no other versions)
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