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  1. Whenever you copy and paste things in leadwerks 3.2 it tends to offset it a bit. Not only does it offset it, but it doesn't stick to the grid. This makes it very complex to copy and paste,(expecially with CSG's). Could you change it so that when you copy and paste it locks onto the grid? Would be nice.

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  2. Hello!


    I think that you should add another thread specifically for tutorials. We can see that the community is growing in numbers daily, and we could use something like this. I feel like it would keep the General Discussion thread neater, and would make it easier for someone new to locate help (besides the default text documentation).

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  3. Does anyone feel like private 1 on 1 lessons would work better for them? I get the sense that we have such a diverse community that finding the right time for a group is difficult and possibly people are more timid in a group setting. Maybe it's better to switch to a more private 1 on 1 training class.


    I'll give this a few more days to see who is interested and if I can't get the full 5 I'll do 1 on 1 classes. I could do videos but I really want to give a more personal touch to the training. There are already videos out there but I know a lot of times I have questions even with the videos that I'm not able to ask a real person at that time of having the question. That's the gap I'm trying to really fill here.


    One on one lessons I would be interested in. Very much so interested.

  4. Multiplayer on lua, you'll be forging new ground for Leadwerks. I can point you in the general direction of how to get the libraries loaded but not much else. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/blog/120/entry-1182-luajit-awesome-luajit-enet-loaded/


    I'll be revisiting the topic of multiplayer when my game nears functional stability.


    Thank you for that, I will look into it.


    I've done multiplayer in LE via Lua but I used RakNet instead of enet. Papa, you may want to rethink making it multiplayer (although I know that's what it's all around) because getting multiplayer working is no small feat especially if you have little any experience in it.


    I've been looking into RakNet lately, doesn't look like an easy feat. I am hoping to learn a lot from this, and that others can learn a lot from it also. I am glad to know that someone has gotten it working (although you have many years experience). If it proves too difficult ill pay for the C++ version, but I'm not a rich kiddo. Coming from you saying that it's difficult I will rethink it, thank you.



    EDIT:: Isn't RakNet only C++ compatible?

  5. Some questions about your project:


    Is it lua based or c++?

    Single player or multiplayer?

    Will level design be done in Leadwerks using prefabs and csf/brushes, or will it need to be done in a 3d modeler?

    You say it's modern but not futuristic, will it be real life gritty, or real life cartoony like team fortress 2.

    Is there a time of completion goal date?


    I have more questions but i can't think of the rest of them currently.


    Right now it's lua based.


    Will be done in leadwerks to get proportions correct.

    Its real life, not cartoony.

    And no completion time.


    Thank you for questions, keep em coming!

  6. Hey guys!



    It's me Cody here. I have been messing around a lot with Leadwerks 3, mostly programming. I want to start a small game project, and get a feel of what it's like collaberating with other people with the same interests. As much as I hate to say it, I know what type of game I would like to make. The only reason I want to make this type of game is because it is quite simple, a FPS. I think that this would be the easiest one to make because it has no story, lots of re-used props, etc.


    Right now I'm thinking that this will be a community project, if you would like to participate and help, then it would be very much so appreciated! If anywhere down the road a team develops and we decide to change that, then this post will be updated. Right now these are the positions I'm looking for:

    • 3D Modeler(s)
    • Concept Artist (?)
    • Anyone with experience in animation in LE3
    • Level Designer
    • 2D Artist (Splashes, scopes, etc.)



    Now onto more of the game aspects. Anything with a (?) next to it is subject to change.



    As of right now we need these assets:

    - A male army character (doesnt need to be rigged or textured)

    - A female army character (doesnt need to be rigged or textured)

    - A fighter jet

    - Some Guns



    I would like for this to be more of a COD and Battle Field mix. I think it would be nice to have some more open world levels, and some closer combat levels... that way it appeals to both sides of the spectrum. This game will be modern, not futuristic, not past.













    This classes main role will be to assist the other players. You will start out with a basic health pack that you can heal other players with. You will be carrying mostly (?) SMG's so that you can be more mobile. But how good is an army if they are all bleeding to death?

    • Gunner:

    The gunners role is to shoot 'em all down. You will be carrying mostly Heavy Machine Guns and some (?) Light Machine Guns. Lock n' Load.

    • CCQ:

    The name escapes me right now, but this will be your standard soldier who carries Assault Rifles, SMG's, and LMG's (Light machine guns). You will be the guy who rushes in, and takes out the enemy without fear.

    • Sniper:

    Your standard sniper class. You get to be the guy who sits back, and blows some heads off! You start with a low damage sniper rifle. Anti "Quick Scoping" is a main thing I want to cover, this should be more realistic.


    • Engineer:

    Your job is to repair the vehicles used in bigger maps. From planes to helicopters to humvee's its all you.



    The goal of this game is... wait. It's an FPS, there is no goal! This game will be multiplayer only (?). You unlock better weapons by buying them with in game currency. You collect this currency by how good you do in your matches.


    If there is anything that you have questions on please ask! Just in case you missed it at the top, Anything with a (?) next to it is subject to change. Thank you for your time reading this, the application process is below.






    First Name:

    Position Applying for:

    Long Term Or Short Term Help?:

    How much Time Do you Have?:

    Skype Name: [PM if not comfortable sharing]

    Email: [PM if not comfortable sharing]




    For one time helpers please PM me! You will be included in the credits / thanks.


    Edited for McBerto.

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  7. Hello everyone!


    I hope that this isn't already posted, I looked but couldn't find a solution. I was curious if someone could make a full (from start to finish) tutorial on how to animate a character for use in Leadwerks Steam Edition. I am hoping for Lua but if you do it in C++ I guess I'll just buy the real version. Thanks alot, and sorry for the short post but I've gotta' run!

  8. Hello all!


    I have been inactive lately because of moving but have a quick question. I was wondering if anyone knows how the Oculus is implemented into game engines. Is it just a DLL you call from? Does it have its own API? Or does it need a "plugin" type thing to communicate with the engine.


    To Josh:: Maybe you can work with them to implement the Rift into Leadwerks? As a young indie dev I have tons of ideas for it but Leadwerks is the ONLY engine I would do it in.


    Thanks for your time guys.

    Cody Mihelich

  9. Can we see the entire script? What is speed? If it's a parameter to the script you should have self.speed not just speed. You are also passing speed to the x axis, where I would think you'd want to pass it to the z axis (forward/backward). Also note that Move() doesn't use any physics. If you would want to use physics you'd probably want AddForce(...).



    I have self.speed, it is a parameter in the script. Just wanted to show the basic idea. And I also realized that and changed to the Z axis, no cigar. And should I need physics for this? I did call it a character controller, and used the default shape.phy for the prefab. And I started this tonight so it is pretty hardcoded, but I put this in App.lua under the loop function

    if self.window:KeyHit(Key.W) then
     if truck.forward == true then
      truck.forward = false
      truck.forward = true
    if self.window:KeyHit(Key.S) then
     if truck.back == true then
      truck.back = false
      truck.back = true
    if self.window:KeyHit(Key.A) then
     if truck.left == true then
      truck.left = false
      truck.left = true
    if self.window:KeyHit(Key.D) then
     if truck.right == true then
      truck.right = false
      truck.right = true

    And then in the script attached to the truck I have

    Script.moveSpeed = 7.5 --int
    function Script:Start()
    forward = false
    left = false
    right = false
    back = false
    function Script:UpdateWorld()
    function Script:UpdatePhysics()
    function Script:Collision(entity, position, normal, speed)
    function Script:Draw()
    function Script:DrawEach(camera)
    function Script:PostRender(context)
    if self.forward == true then
    		   -- Just moved this section down. Doesnt look like it even knows that the forward was toggled, yet my UI script does?
     App.context:DrawText("Coming from truck.", 200, 220)
    function Script:Release()
    function Script:Cleanup()

  10. Hey guys, me again. I was curious how one would go about moving a bunch of objects all at once. Basically I decided to go with a car game as my first one. Just to get the hang of things. Now, in my editor you see this [its an image] http://gyazo.com/5094ed8b0529ac914a2675f5a3e879a1 [<<Click]. Then I go into the scripting area and the objects wont turn with

    --Script is bound to the 'truck'
    self.entity:Move(speed, 0,0)

    I have tried entity turn, and others but they dont wanna turn. How can I make them all turn at once (act like one object)? Thank you for your time,


    Cody Mihelich

  11. Hey. Just a bug, but not sure if its for everyone so didn't feel the need to post in the bug reports section. My texture for dirt (when texture painting) has dots in the corner. I am not sure how to fix it but it is annoying. I've checked the actual texture file and there aren't dots. Thanks for your time, Cody Mihelich

  12. Could you add support for changing the background color of the main editor. so that we can make it a dark grey. To fix the icons that are black if the color goes below a certain darkness threshhold you invert the color of the icons. Because it would be nice to work in a darker grey. It looks cooler and when your working in a dark place its not so bright.


    I don't think that it is possible to change the color of the main editor, or else I would. You should put this in the recomendations forum!

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