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  3. Have you tried applying your second texture in the model viewer?
  4. Sounds quite ambitious. What skills do you have to offer?
  5. I figured out after I posted this that FindChild is probably used to tell where the muzzleflash should be on the gun, but my problem still remains as to how to get the gun positioned in front of the camera like the default pistol is. Whenever I load a gun it is always out of sight on my screen, and not directly in front of the camera like I would like it to be. Most games that Ive modded use a bone or camera that the code detects and places that in front of the camera. But Im not seeing anything of the likes here in leadwerks.
  6. Im having a bit of an issue when it comes to trying to figure out how to add a new gun using the fpsweapon script. Ive already made a new script for my gun, but Im really unsure how to actually get a functioning weapon with animations. Around line 58 within my weapon script is this line local tag = self.entity:FindChild("akm") Which seems to be how I load my custom model, but it is offset and Im not sure how to change that either.
  7. Josh said that the lighting only updates when there is physics calculated, like a box moving.
  8. When making a moderately detailed map its a pain to navigate through the scene tab to find something instead of searching around the map for it. It would be nice if the Scene tab automatically organized files into certain folders. All models go into the model folder, all CSG goes into the CSG folder, all entities go into entity folder, and all lighting goes into the lighting folder, ect. As well it would be nice for when you copy a csg, that it gives the newly copied csg a new number instead of having several "Box 8". PS are we going to have a grouping system like in Hammer?
  9. It would be nice to see the glowing parts of the texture actually emit light
  10. Im trying to add ambient sound to my level, but Im having a small problem with it cutting out. Basically the sound works fine when I start, but if I turn a certain direction, the sound just stops. Any idea why?
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