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  1. He sent out steam keys, if you got it from Kickstarter check your Kickstarter messages.
  2. yeah INDIEGOGO is not as successful as Kickstarter. I don't even look at INDIEGOGO anymore these days. I'm sure once the product is out that you will be able to buy it off the site.
  3. Can't wait to get my hands on this and play around with it :) I always love playing. Hopefully everything's on track but even if it's not I'm sure it's not far behind.
  4. Ok so I decided I wanted to take a look at what you guys have updated but I keep getting a runtime error. I'm deleted and reinstalled and no luck. Here are my specs - link removed - Edit: Found a pin under the community hub http://steamcommunity.com/app/251810/discussions/0/610573009256395302/
  5. Personally don'y care about console right now. I would rather have more features for the engine ... a lot more before looking into console.
  6. I'm so glad Microsoft employee gave me the full version of 2013 for free during an event.
  7. Some how I was hoping it was going to be cheaper. I have the student version but I haven't played around with it
  8. Leadwerks has it's own IDE built in. I'm not sure if 2010 has all the features for c++11 which i believe leadwerks uses. So my answer is upgrade. Edit: I was wrong about the IDE for the standard version
  9. She!! Yes I own the steam indie version but I'm wonder if steam owners can upgrade to the non-steam version?
  10. Of course you can't upgrade to the standalone if it was bought originally on steam. That is what I was asking.
  11. I know you guys are busy with the release with the standard version. I know there has been talk about an upgrade for the stream version and possibly just paying the difference. Well would we be be able to upgrade and possibly pay the difference and get the standalone version? I love steam and all but would rather have a standalone not linked to steam. I'd love to get into the c++ version now. Just wishful thinking
  12. lol i was like wait ... what? .... but but ..... wait im no fool
  13. Well if you are considering inviting people to the group then I'd love to look at it.
  14. Well not all of us are artists and if all it takes to use the model is just give credit then that easy.
  15. Steam doesn't refund so you're out of luck. It's in the policy you agreed too when using steam. Steam lists the requirements clearly on each page and say it's the buyers responsibly to make sure their machines fits the requirements All we can say is getting a better video card/computer so you can use Leadwerks and feel like you are not wasting your money. You can only trade it if they bought it as a gift and never redeemed it.
  16. Not all of them are for commercial use
  17. Made one of those days ago
  18. If nothing else I am persistent and her fyi
  19. Here is some info on Perlin Noise http://freespace.virgin.net/hugo.elias/models/m_perlin.htm
  20. You are well over thinking it. I was just looking for chucks with perlin noise not a whole minecraft. The tuts I posted had that information in it for reference. Go to this and see how the ground is. http://maxogden.github.io/voxel-perlin-terrain/. This should be within leadwerks ability.
  21. Here is a C# Voxel Tutorial cut up into tiny pieces http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/198651-Tutorial-Procedural-meshes-and-voxel-terrain-C Perlin Noise block generation isn't that big with only one block type (non-texture box). I wasn't asking for lakes, mountains, etc.
  22. Hey my last suggestion was voxel terrain generation. Demo in js: http://maxogden.github.io/voxel-perlin-terrain/ I know this doesn't take hours to explain because I've seen single thread posts on it explained in other languages.
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