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  1. Ok, according to Josh this is not a bug: "A physics body cannot have a parent. The parent matrix will override the body's simulation and cause it to not work." So, is there a way to check whether two meshes are intersecting with each other (without models/bodies)? I don't need physics simulation in this case. I've already tried line picks from the ball to the player (only when the ball is near to the player, at an interval of 50ms). It works, but it's a little bit slow.
  2. I tested: Collisions(COL_PLAYER, COL_BALL, 2) Collisions(COL_BALL, COL_PLAYER, 2) Collisions(COL_PLAYER, COL_BALL, 2) Collisions(COL_BALL, COL_PLAYER, 2) There is no difference (except the callback is eventually called twice). I have written a bug report, in the mean time I will try to find a work around. Edit: I found a work around: Function OnCollision(e1:TEntity, e2:TEntity, pos:TVec3, normal:TVec3, force:TVec3, speed:Float) TBody(e1).SetRotation([90.0, 90.0, 0.0]) End Function This sets the rotation back to its initial value (works).
  3. That sounds logically to me, but I thought the "no response collision, mode 2" does not respond in any way? At least the tutorial sais with mode 2 it is only recording the collisions, but it is not doing anything (except calling the collision callback). This is exactly what I was trying to do. With collision mode 0, do you mean something like this? Collisions(COL_PLAYER, COL_BALL, 0) With this code, the cylinder isn't rotating any more, but no collision is recorded either. I will try the second option now. Thank you for your help
  4. Thank you for your reply Joh The character does not have a body itself. I create bodies in the code and attach them to the bones (maybe I will create a little editor for this). I think I'm going to attach a simple body to most of the bones, so the ball can collide with everything and I am able to tell which part of the character was hit. In the mean time I found out that the problem is TMesh.Copy. I set up the bodies for the loaded mesh and was working with a copy of this mesh all the time, because it's a multiplayer game and each player instance uses a copy of the mesh. It seems that
  5. Hi, I was trying to attach a TBody (Cylinder) to a TBone of my animated player mesh (with parenting), but strange things have happened. First, when I set the mass to something bigger than 0 the body is falling, even if I set GravityMode to 0. If the mass is 0 it stays in place and moves along with the animated mesh, but in DebugPhysics mode it is flickering (changing color between green and red) and no collisions are recorded, although I have set up collisions and collision types. I think it has something to do with the parenting. If I create a body which is not attached to the mesh, t
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