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  1. But i think Josh is only working on a 3.3 fallback for Intel and Linux, because Intel hasn't managed to get opengl 4 to work on their graphic cards on Linux.
  2. About which executables are we talking? Do I have them when I only downloaded LE on Steam for Windows? And are you sure I can execute them? (Linux executables on Windows?)
  3. Hey, Is it possible to export to Linux from Windows? I know that Mac OSX isn't even supported yet. And I think we would need to use something like MinGW right? I think the msvc compiler is only able to compile for Windows. And if we can't compile from Windows for Linux, is it possible to compile for Windows and Linux on Linux?
  4. Thanks for the answers, i will experiment with it tomorrow. Feel free to post more ideas
  5. Yes, I for example create one camera by code and place pivots at the position I need the camera later. Then I set the camera position to the position of the pivot
  6. Sounds complicated, because i would have to try what are the angles myself, right?
  7. Actually not. If I have a point light shining to west and the character stands east, the raycast will say, there's no object between you and the light, but the light is shining into another direction...
  8. There is already a list with all entities from the world, which you could just iterate over and search for the camera, only to mention that by the way. (world->entities)
  9. Yep that's what I paid too and I haven't had le2.x
  10. As I know there is no 64-bit DLL. Maybe that comes, but Josh To-Do list is huge. And LE 3 is a completely new software as Josh said, I think you don't get a discount. (Only if you upgrade from 3.x to 3.y you get a discount I think)
  11. Can you please give me some more information on this? I don't see why I could use a raycast for this?.. Maybe I just got a blackout at the moment but, no idea...
  12. Hey, Is there any possibility to check if you are in a shadow? I need this for a stealth like game (like the thief series). And maybe how much of a object is in the shadows? Thanks
  13. To your download problem: Does it give you an error message? Maybe josh hasn't added the download permission to the Member Group (maybe only Developers can download content) To your other question: As far as i know, you can export from Linux to Linux and Windows, but Mac isn't supported at all for now (should come soon, josh said)
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