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  1. Laptop with Intel HD Graphics graphics card (Windows 8). The messages appear "Failed to initialize graphics. Your graphics hardware may not be supported"
  2. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/store/product/13-leadwerks-31-upgrade-pre-order/
  3. Paid upgrade from 3.0 through Paypal (payment has passed). However, none of the key. nothing has come. In a private office and hangs. that we must pay.
  4. I have version 3.0 and to get version 3.1 I would have to pay again?
  5. Hmm ... Even if it does not develop a version 2 ... Would add to the store, then as the first version =)
  6. How can I get the LE version 2, the licensee LE version 3?
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