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  1. We're running a sale, everything for 0,99€! http://www.fourthquarter.eu/shop/

  2. bandrewk


    Shoot the birds to lock them in the sky! This game demonstrates the Noesis Leadwerks integration. Press F1 to show / hide stats. N to show / hide the GUI. View full game
  3. Bump, I am also interested in a solution.
  4. Sometimes prefabs turn invisible for me and are unable to be picked in the editor. I attached an example that contains just CSG. I'm not entirely sure how to reproduce this as it happens in a kind of random manner, but maybe you can spot something wrong in the attached file. Thank you. square.zip
  5. If you don't want to use Steamworks features in your game simply remove the steam_appid.txt from the project's root directory.
  6. C++ user here, I am receiving an access violation from inside World::Update().
  7. Hi, the scene browser does not display a horizontal scroll-bar when the hierarchy grows in width: Thank you
  8. We had the same problem, see this topic: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/10380-character-controller-gets-stuck-on-thin-objects/
  9. Last week we’ve been in cologne (Germany) at the gamescom, a trade fair for video games. I’ve talked to a few publishers gathering information on strategies to distribute a game on the world-marked, payment system providers for game and in-game purchases and last but not least, advertisers. They gave us quite a bit of information brochures, haven’t had a chance to read through it yet. After all, the most important aspect was getting some contacts into the game industry, which we seem to have now. We had the opportunity to talk to a few persons and introduce them to the concept of Remaining Day
  10. Hello, the active context is not resizing correctly when changing the window layout without rendering a world. Resizing while rendering a world: Resizing without rendering a world: Example code: bool App::Loop() { //Close the window to end the program if (window->Closed()) return false; if (window->KeyHit(Key::J)) { window->SetLayout(window->GetX(), window->GetY(), 1920, 1080); } if (window->KeyHit(Key::K)) { window->SetLayout(window->GetX(), window->GetY(), 1024, 800); } //Press escape to end freelook mode if (window->KeyHit(Key::E
  11. Try changing SetPosition(0, 1, 0) to SetPosition(0., 1., 0.) and do the same for all other SetPositions
  12. Hello everyone, I am experiencing some issues with the Window::Show/HideMouse methods. When calling both of them multiple times they basically stop working. For example: bool App::Start() { //Initialize Steamworks (optional) /*if (!Steamworks::Initialize()) { System::Print("Error: Failed to initialize Steam."); return false; }*/ //Create a window window = Leadwerks::Window::Create("cc"); window->ShowMouse(); //Create a context context = Context::Create(window); //Create a world world = World::Create(); //Create a camera camera = Camera::Create(); camera->Move(0,2,-5); //Hid
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